CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Owner's Manual

CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Owner's Manual


Safety Symbol and Signal Word Review
This garage door opener has been designed and tested to offer safe service provided it is installed, operated, maintained and tested in strict accordance with the instructions and warnings contained in this manual.

When you see these Safety Symbols and Signal Words on the following pages, they will alert you to the possibility of serious injury or death if you do not comply with the warnings that accompany them. The hazard may come from something mechanical or from electric shock. Read the warnings carefully.

When you see this Signal Word on the following pages, it will alert you to the possibility of damage to your garage door and/or the garage door opener if you do not comply
with the cautionary statements that accompany it. Read them carefully

Preparing your garage door Before you begin:

  • Disable locks.
  • Remove any ropes connected to garage door.
  • Complete the following test to make sure your garage door is balanced and is not sticking or binding:
    1. Lift the door about halfway as shown. Release the door. If balanced, it should stay in place, supported entirely by its springs.
    2. Raise and lower the door to see if there is any binding or sticking If your door binds, sticks, or is out of balance, call a trained door systems technician.

 CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener

CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Tools needed

During assembly, installation and adjustment of the opener, instructions will call for hand tools as illustrated below.

CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Tools needed

CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Installation Plan

Identify the type and height of your garage door. Survey your garage area to see if any of the conditions below apply to your installation. Additional materials may be required. You may find it helpful to refer back to this page and the accompanying illustrations as you proceed with the installation of your openen Depending on your requirements, there are several installation steps which may call for materials or hardware not included in the carton.

  • Installation Step 1 - Look at the wall or ceiling above the garage door. The header bracket must be securely fastened to structural supports. Installation Step 5 - Do you have a finished ceiling in your garage? If so, a support bracket and additional fastening hardware may be required.
  • Installation Step 10 - Depending upon garage construction, extension brackets or wood blocks may be needed to install sensors.
  • Installation Step 10 - Alternate floor mounting of the safety reversing sensor will require hardware not provided
  • Do you have an access door in addition to the garage door? If not. Model 53702 Emergency Key Release is required. See Accessories page.
  • Look at the garage door where it meets the floor. Any gap between the floor and the bottom of the door must not exceed 1/4" (6 mm). Otherwise, the safety reversal system may not work properly. See Adjustment Step 3. Floor or door should be repaired.


  • Do you have a steel, aluminum, fiberglass or glass panel door? If so, horizontal and vertical reinforcement is required (Installation Step 11).
  • The opener should be installod above the center of the door. If there is a torsion spring or center bearing plate in the way of the header bracket, it may be installed within 4 feet (1.22 m) to the left or right of the door center. See Installation Steps 1 and 11.
  • If your door is more than 7 feet (2.13 m) high, see rail extension Kits listed on Accessories page.

 CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Installation

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 CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener Owner's Manual

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