Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144 Thermostat Manual

Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144 Non-programmable Electronic Digital Thermostat For Line Voltage Applications

About Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144

The 1E65-144 thermostat has been designed to control electric heating systems such as baseboard heaters, radiant fl oors, radiant ceilings and convectors. The adapter plate is used to offset the thermostat when an obstruction prevents the thermostat from being mounted directly to the junction box.
The thermostat cannot be used with the following:

  • a resistive load under 2 A
  • a resistive load over 16.7 A
  • systems driven by a contactor or a relay (inductive load)
  • central heating systems

Parts Supplied: Available Accessories:
One (1) thermostat F61-2642 Adapter Plate
Two (2) 6-32 pan head screws

White Rodgers 1E65-144

Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144 Spesification

Supply: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Minimum load: 2 A (resistive only)
500 W @ 240 VAC
250 W @ 120 VAC
Maximum load: 16.7 A (resistive only)
4000 W @ 240 VAC
2000 W @ 120 VAC
Setpoint range: 7°C to 32°C (45°F to 90°F)
Display range: 0°C to 37°C (32°F to 99°F)
Display resolution: 0.1°C (1°F)
Shipping: –20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 120°F)
Approval: SA US

Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144 Installation

Installation should be done by a qualifi ed heating and air conditioning contractor or licensed electrician. Loosen the screw holding the thermostat cover to the base, open cover on hinge and remove the cover.

white rodgers 1e65-144 installation

Optional: Use the adapter plate accessory if you need to offset the mounting holes on the junction box. Align and affi x the wall plate to the electrical junction box using two 6-32 fl at head screws included with the plate.

White Rodgers 1E65-144 Plate Installation

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 Emerson White Rodgers 1E65-144 Thermostat Manual

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