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Introduction Epson Action Printer 5000 Service Manual

Your new Epson Action Printer 5000 is an advanced 24-pin dot matrix printer  that combines high performance with a wide range of features.


These features make yourEpson Action Printer 5000 an outstanding value:

  • Fast printing speed. You can print up to 252 characters per second in 12 cpi draft mode.
  • Easy paper handling. The printer has four paper paths  to  suit your printing needs: top, rear, bottom, and front.
  • Automatic paper loading. The printer automatically loads single sheets and continuous paper.
  • Epson ESC/P 2. This enhanced printer control language adds scalable fonts and improved graphics capability. With scalable fonts, you can print characters of various sizes.
  • Compatibility.  The  printer  supports  the  Epson  ESC/P® commands widely used in application programs written for other Epson LQ and SQ printers.
  • Unique control-panel design. You can choose from nine popular letter-quality fonts and one draft font.

The ActionPrinter 5000 and ActionPrinter 5500 are basically the same printer except for the width of their  carriages.  The  ActionPrinter  5000  has a  standard  width  carriage  that  accommodates  paper  up  to  254 mm  (10  inches)  wide.  The  ActionPrinter  5500  has  a  wide  carriage   that accommodates paper up to 355.6 mm (14 inches) wide.


You may choose from several printer options to enhance your printer. For more information on these options, see Chapter 4 .

  1. Single-Bin Cut-Sheet Feeder (C80637* for ActionPrinter 5000, C80639* for ActionPrinter  5500) This economical cut-sheet feeder  automatically  feeds  up  to  50  sheets  of  paper  into your  printer  without  reloading.   You   can load continuous paper and manually load single sheets without removing the cut-sheet feeder.
  2. High-Capacity Cut-Sheet Feeder(C80638* for ActionPrinter 5000, C80640* for ActionPrinter  5500) This  cut-sheet  feeder  automatically  feeds  up  to 150  sheets  of paper or 25 plain bond envelopes  without  reloading.  You  can create a double-bin cut-sheet feeder by connecting this  cut-sheet feeder to the single-bin model.
  3. Pull-Tractor Unit (C80019* for ActionPrinter 5000, C80022* for ActionPrinter 5500) Although  you  can  use  the  standard  tractor  as  a  pull  tractor,   using the optional pull tractor improves printing accuracy, which is especially useful for printing on continuous multi-part forms.
  4. Film Ribbon Cartridge (#7768 for ActionPrinter 5000, #7770 for  ActionPrinter  5500)  An optional film ribbon cartridge provides even higher quality printing than the standard fabric ribbon.
  5. Interface Cards Optional interface cards are available to supplement the printer’s built-in parallel  interface.  Guidlines  for  choosing  the   right interface and instructions on installing the cards  are  given  in  Chapter 4.

The last  figure  in  option  part  numbers,  represented  by  an  asterisk (*), varies by country, Contact your local Epson dealer for the part number in your country.


There are a few things you should know  about  printing  on  single  sheets as opposed to continuous paper. When you  print  on  single  sheets,  you  may  notice  that  your  printer  prints  the  first  page  of  your file  correctly  but  then  prints  too  low  on  the  next  page,  or  that it prints the last few lines from one page onto the next.

These differences in  print  position  are  easy  to  adjust;  you  can simply change some of the settings in your application program as described below to get the right results.

  1. When you install an application program, it normally asks  you what printer you are using. Make sure you choose the correct printer. See Chapter 1 for the right printer to choose.
  2. Many programs include an option to set the  maximum  lines  per page. If your program has a lines-per-page  setting  and  you  are using standard 8½ X 11-inch paper, set the lines per page to 61.
  3. If your program doesn’t have a lines-per-page setting,  try decreasing the top margin or increasing the bottom margin,  or  both, until you get the results you want.
    • Note: To find the right  lines-per-page  setting  for  paper  that  is  not 8½ X 11, create a test  document  using  your  application  program. Set your top and bottom margins to 0 and then create a  file  of numbered lines from 1 to 66. When you print your file, notice the last number printed on the first page. This is your maximum lines-per-page setting.
  4. You can also try adjusting the form length setting. For  a standard 8½ X 11-inch page, try setting the form length at 10 inches.
  5. Some programs  also  let  you  indicate  whether  you  are  using single sheets or continuous paper. Make sure you choose single sheets.


  1. Read all of these instructions Epson Action Printer 5000 Service Manual and save them for later reference.
  2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.
  3. Unplug this  product  from  the  wall   outlet   before   cleaning.   Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning
  4. Do not use this product near water
  5. Do on anorTheproductmayfall,causingseriousdamagetotheproduct.
  6. Slots and openings in the cabinet and the back or bottom areprovided for ventilation;toensurereliableoperationofthe product and to protect it fromoverheating,theseopeningsmustnot be blockedorcovered.Theopeningsshouldneverbeblocked by placing the product onabed,sofa,rug,orothersimilarsurface.Thisproductshouldneverbeplacednearorover a radiatororheatregister.Thisproductshouldnotbeplaced in a built-in installation unless properventilationis
  7. This product should be operated from the type of power indicated onthemarkinglabel.Ifyouarenotsureofthetype ofpoweravailable,consultyourdealerorlocalpower
  8. This product is equipped witha3-wiregrounding-typeplug,aplug having athird(grounding)pin.Thisplugwillonlyfitinto a grounding-type poweroutlet.Thisisasafetyfeature.Ifyouare unable to insert the plugintotheoutlet,contactyourelectrician to replace your obsolete outlet.Donotdefeatthe purpose of the grounding-typeplug.
  9. Do not locate this product where the cord will be walked on.
  10. If anextensioncordisusedwiththisproduct,makesurethat the total of the ampere ratings on the products plugged into the extensioncorddoesnotexceedtheextensioncordampererating. Also, makesurethatthetotalofall productspluggedinto the wall outlet does not exceed 15amperes.
  11. Never push objects of any kind into thisproductthroughcabinet slots as they may touch dangerous voltage pointsor short out parts that could result in a riskoffireorelectric shock.Neverspillliquidofanykindontheproduct.
  12. Except as specifically explained in theUser’sManual,donotattempt to service this productyourself.Openingorremovingthose covers that aremarked“DoNotRemove”mayexposeyou to dangerous voltage points or other risks. Refer allservicinginthose compartments to servicepersonnel.
  13. Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing qualified service personnel under the following conditions:
    • When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
    • If liquid has been spilled into the product.
    • If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
    • If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed. Adjust only those controls that are covered bytheoperatinginstructionssinceimproper adjustment of other controls may result indamageandwilloften require extensive workbyaqualifiedtechniciantorestore the product to normaloperation.
    • If the product has been dropped or the cabinet has been damaged.
    • If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for service

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