GE JVM3160 Manual

GE JVM3160, AVM4160, JNM3161 Manual


Do not operate the oven in the microwave mode without the turntable and the turntable support seated and in place. The turntable must be unrestricted so it can rotate. Make sure all cookware used in your microwave oven is suitable for microwaving. Most glass casseroles, cooking dishes, measuring cups, custard cups, pottery or china dinnerware which does not have metallic trim or glaze with a metallic sheen can be used. Some cookware is labeled “suitable for microwaving.”

  • If you are not sure if a dish is microwave-safe, use this test: Place in the oven both the dish you are testing and a glass measuring cup filled with 1 cup either in or next to the dish. Microwave 30–45 seconds at high. If the dish heats, it should not be used for microwaving. if the dish remains cool and only the water in the cup heats, then the dish is microwave-safe
  • Oversized food or oversized metal cookware should not be used in a microwave/convection oven because they increase the risk of electric shock and could cause a fire.„ 
  • Sometimes the oven floor, turntable and walls can become too hot to touch. Be careful touching the floor, turntable and walls during and after cooking.„ 
  • If you use a meat thermometer while microwaving, make sure it is safe for use in microwave ovens.„ 
  • Do not use recycled paper products. Recycled paper towels, napkins and waxed paper can contain metal flecks which may cause arcing or ignite. Paper products containing nylon or nylon filaments should be avoided, as they may also ignite.
  • Some foam trays (like those that meat  is packaged on) have a thin strip of metal embedded in the bottom. When microwaved, the metal can burn the floor of the oven or ignite a paper towel.„ 
  • Do not use your microwave oven to dry newspapers.„ 
  • Not all plastic wrap is suitable for use in microwave ovens. Check the package for proper use.„ 
  • Paper towels, waxed paper and plastic  wrap can be used to cover dishes in order to retain moisture and prevent spattering while microwaving. Be sure to vent plastic wrap so steam can escape.„ 
  • Cookware may become hot because of heat transferred from the heated food. Pot holders may be needed to handle the cookware.„ 
  • When microwaving “boilable” cooking pouches and tightly closed plastic bags, they should be slit, pierced or vented as directed by package. If they are not, plastic could burst during or immediately after cooking, possibly resulting in injury. Also, plastic storage containers should be at least partially uncovered because they form a tight seal. When cooking with containers tightly covered with plastic wrap, remove covering carefully and direct steam away from hands and face.

GE JVM3160, AVM4160, JNM3161 Features of the Oven

  1. Door Handle.
  2. Door Latches.Window with Metal Shield. 
  3. Screen allows cooking to be viewed while keeping microwaves confined in the oven.
  4. Control Panel.Removable Turntable. Do not operate the oven in the microwave mode without the turntable and turntable support seated and in place.
  5. Removable Turntable Support. Do not operate the oven in the microwave mode without the turntable and turntable support seated and in place.

GE JVM3160, AVM4160, JNM3161 Cooking Controls

Time Features

Press Enter
COOK TIME Amount of cooking time
DEFROST Weight or time
POWER LEVEL Power level 1 to 10
ADD 30 SEC Starts immediately!
EXPRESS COOK immediately !

Convenience Features

Press Enter
POPCORN Press pad to select serving size
REHEAT Press pad to select food
BEVERAGE Press pad to select serving size
POTATO Press pad to select serving size


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GE JVM3160, AVM4160, JNM3161 Manual