LUX LV21 Installation and Operating Manual

LUX LV21 Installation and Operating Instructions

About LUX LV21 Thermostat Manual

This thermostat directly controls line voltage (120/240 VAC). Do not attempt to install this thermostat unless you are completely familiar with line voltage wiring. If proper precautions are not followed, a risk of electric shock may exist, possibly causing severe injury or death. Disconnect the supply voltage at the circuit breaker prior to removing the existing thermostat or installing this one.

If the electrical conductors to your thermostat wall box are aluminum, DO NOT use the wire nuts supplied with this thermostat. Connections to aluminum wiring must be made using approved CO/ALR solder-less wire connectors specifically made for use with aluminum conductors. NOTE: the wires on this thermostat are copper, with a nickel coating to prevent corrosion.

On this LV21 model, only the L1-IN/OUT path is broken during normal temperature regulation; the L2-IN/OUT path is only broken when the set temperature knob is turned to the OFF position.

LUX LV21 Thermostat Spesification

  • 22 AMPS @ 120/240 VAC (2640/5280W RESISTIVE LOAD)
  • 22 AMPS @ 208 VAC (4576W RESISTIVE LOAD)
  • 22 AMPS @ 277 VAC (4986W RESISTIVE LOAD)
  • 0.75 HP @ 120 VAC (INDUCTIVE LOAD)
  • 1.50 HP @ 208/240/277 VAC (INDUCTIVE LOAD)
  • SETTING RANGE: 41°F - 90°F (5°C - 32°C)

LUX LV21 Installation Instruction

  1. Disconnect the supply power before removing your old thermostat (if applicable), and keep it off until after you have completed the installation.
  2. If replacing an old thermostat, remove it carefully to avoid damaging the wires or the insulation. Check the existing wire insulation for cracks, nicks, or fraying. Apply electrical tape where necessary to achieve adequate insulation, or replace the wires in an approved fashion.
  3. Be sure to use the appropriate wires on the thermostat: the RED thermostat wires shall be connected to the voltage supply wires from the circuit breaker, and the BLACK thermostat wires shall be connected to the wires going to the heating appliance.
  4. Perform the wire connections using appropriately sized solder-less wire connectors (provided), and be sure that ALL wire connections are securely tightened.
  5. Carefully bend any excess wire length into the rear of the electrical box to allow enough room for the thermostat to be comfortably secured to the wall box without having to force it. Ensure that the wires are positioned so that the mounting screws will not damage the wire insulation when they are installed.
  6. Once complete, turn the power back on to your heating equipment at the circuit breaker and confirm proper heating operation in all thermostat dial positions.

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LUX LV21 Installation and Operating Manual 

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