Suzuki DF9.9T User Manual

Description Suzuki DF9.9T User Manual

Suzuki designed the new DF9.9 High Thrust outboard especially for use as an auxiliary outboard motor on large boats. Available in 20-  and 25-inch shaft lengths, the 2-cylinder outboard features a power tilt system (the first for a Suzuki in this class) for greater operating convenience, and a 4-blade high thrust propeller. Suzuki’s advanced 4-stroke technology offers reliability and environmental friendly operation. (CARB 3-Star compliant).
For trolling or for auxiliary power, the DF9.9 High Thrust is the perfect choice.

Power Tilt Suzuki DF9.9

The DF9.9 High Thrust outboard is the first Suzuki out- board in this class to feature a power tilt system. The sys- tem is controlled with a single button conveniently located on the tiller handle or remote control for quick and easy tilting of the outboard motor.

Available in 20- and 25-inch  Transoms

Suzuki offers the DF9.9 High Thrust in both 20- and 25-  inch shaft lengths to provide a wider range of boats with ef- ficient and convenient trolling or auxiliary power.

Four Blade High Thrust Propeller

A special high-thrust 4-blade propeller utilized on these outboards delivers efficient and
reliable low-speed trolling even on heavy boats. This also makes
it an excellent choice as an auxili- ary motor on a wide range of boats and ideal for use on 10 horsepower regulated lakes and waterways.

Environmentally Friendly CARB 3-Star Performance

Suzuki's 4-stroke technology deliv- ers clean and  efficient  operation that has earned the DF9.9 High Thrust a 3-star Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resour- ces Board (CARB).

Features Deliver Improved Performance

Suzuki designed the 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine to deliver smooth operation and even acceleration throughout the power curve. It includes features like forged aluminum con- necting rods, a one piece forged crankshaft, and a low oil pressure warning system that provide boaters with im- proved performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

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Suzuki DF9.9T User Manual

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