Xerox Phaser 860 Service Manual

Xerox Phaser 860 Service Manual

This Xerox Phaser 860 Service Manual contains information used to verify operation, troubleshoot, repair, adjust, and maintain the Xerox Phaser® 840, Phaser® 850 and Phaser® 860 Color Printers. This guide includes a Field Replacement Unit Parts list. Topics such as printer theory of operation, detailed removal/replacement procedures, configuration page details, and verifying printer operation are located on the companion Color Printer Service & Support Resources CD-ROM.
To ensure complete understanding of the product, we recommend participation in Phaser 840/850/860 printer service training.

Phaser 860 Printer Overview

The Phaser 860 Color Printer is an Adobe PostScript Level 3 (Version 3010) color, solid-ink printer. It also supports color PCL 5c at 600 x 600 dots-per-inch resolution. The printer can print at the following resolutions:

  • Fast Color mode, 16 page-per-minute (ppm)
  • Standard mode, 10 ppm mode at 355 x 464 dpi
  • Enhanced mode, 6 ppm at 464 x 928 dpi
  • High-Resolution/Photo mode, 3.5 ppm at of 600 x 1200 dpi.

The printer also includes a 7 ppm Fast Transparency mode and a 4 ppm Standard Transparency Mode (double-pass). Both modes are at 355 x 464 dpi. The Phaser 860B.

The Phaser 860B printer features 136 built-in fonts, and is equipped with 64 Mbytes of RAM. The Phaser 860B can be upgraded to configurations of 64, 128, 192 and 256 Mbytes of RAM using combinations of 64- and 128 Mbytes RAM SODIMMs. The Phaser 860B does not support networking or High-resolution/Photo mode.
The Phaser 860N. The Phaser 860N printer adds a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port and has all the same features as the Phaser 860B model.

The Phaser 860DP. The Phaser 860DP printer option upgrades the printer to 128 Mbytes of RAM and includes additional features like 2-sided printing, job pipelining and High Resolution Photo mode.

The Phaser 860DPF. This is a program printer. The Phaser 860DPF has all the features of the Phaser 860DP printer, but adds a High-capacity paper tray and 3 years of on-site service.

The Phaser 860DX. The extended features DX option has all the features of the Phaser 860DP printer, but includes a High-capacity Paper Tray and an internal IDE hard drive.

All printers support five available paper trays: Two A and A4 trays are meant for paper and low volumes of transparencies; two other A and A4 trays are meant for label stock and high-volume transparencies; and a legal size paper tray which comes with an output bail. There is an optional 500-sheet High-capacity Paper Tray Assembly gives the printer a two-tray capability. With the addition of a second High-Capacity Paper Tray, the printer has a three-tray capability. (The High-Capacity Paper Tray Assembly is sometimes referred to as a lower feeder; it only supports paper printing.) The printer can also print six sizes of hand-fed envelopes.

A 250-MHz PowerPC processor oversees print engine operations and PostScript image processing. All configurations, except the Phaser 860B feature a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port (with support for EtherTalk, Novell NetWare/NDS, TCP/IP, DHCP and Windows Peer-to-Peer). A USB high-speed serial port is also provided. LocalTalk, Tolken Ring and 10Base2 are not supported by the Phaser 860 printer. An internal IDE hard drive can be installed on the main board for font storage and job accounting, if the printer has DP features the hard drive will support collation, proof print, saved print and secure print. An integral bi-directional parallel port (IEEE 1284C with ECP mode) supports printing and also allows connecting a parallel interface scanner for optical copying support. 1 - 6 Phaser 840/850/860/8200 Color Printer Service Manual

The printer supports Job Accounting which maintains from 50 to 5000 records of processed print jobs, depending on memory and hard drive options. The record contains information such as time duration of the print and the percentage of color coverage on the print. The log of reconds can be retrieved using CentreWare software.

Proof Print Jobs. A proof job is a specific case of a multiple-copy job. With a proof job, the customer assigns a password and copy account at the client workstation before printing. The first set of prints are printed immediately. The original number of requested sets are printed after the customer enters the matching password on the printer’s control panel. The customer has the option of printing the original number of requested sets or deleting the job. Using the same password will cause any previous job(s) to be deleted. A proof job that has not been printed is retained on hard disk through power cycles. Proof jobs sent to a printer without the hard disk option are not printed and are discarded. Secure Print Jobs. Secure printing allows the customer to defer printing of a job until a matching password is entered from the control panel. The customer assigns the password at the client workstation before printing. The job is stored, and printing is delayed until the password is entered on the printer’s control panel. Using the same password will cause any previous jobs(s) to be deleted. A secure job that has not been printed or released is retained on disk through power cycles. This function requires the internal hard drive. Saved Print Jobs. Saved print allows the user to save print jobs to the internal hard drive of the printer. The print job is not deleted after printing, it is stored on the hard drive for print on demand. This function requires the internal hard drive. Solid inks Solid inks, sometimes called phase-change inks, are solid at room temperature and are liquid at the higher temperature used during printing. The inks solidify almost instantly after being jetted onto the printer’s drum. Because Xerox proprietary solid inks bleed much less than ordinary liquid inks, they allow the printer to print brilliant colors on plain paper.

Each Xerox solid-ink printer’s inks are especially formulated for that printer; the inks are NOT interchangeable. Using the wrong ink in a printer may damage the printhead or other subsystems. The Phaser 860 uses the ColorSticks® II ink formulation which enables solid ink documents to be fed through auto-document feeders on copiers.

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