CTC 43054 Owners Manual

CTC Thermostat Model 43054 Owner's Manual

Owners Manual Model 43054

Your new Climate Technology thermostat will provide years of reliable service.  Using this digital thermostat will provide more uniform comfort in your home through the seasons. Thank you for buying a Cli- mate Technology product!
Please read this manual for complete instructions on installing and operating your thermostat. If you require further assistance, call Cli- mate Technology Technical Support at 1-800-676-7861 from 8am to 5pm Central Time.


1.  This thermostat is designed to work on the following sys- tems:

  • Gas - Standing Pilot
  • Gas - Electronic Ignition
  • Gas - Fired Boilers
  • Gas - Milivolt Systems
  • Oil - Fired Boilers
  • Oil - Fired Furnace
  • Single Stage Heat Pumps - with no auxiliary heat
  • Electric Furnace
  • Electric Air Conditioning

This thermostat will NOT control multistage heat pumps or 110/220 V baseboard electric heating systems.

2.  Temperature Range

This thermostat can be set between 45°F and 95°F (7°C and 35°C). However, it will display room temperatures from 30°F to 99°F (0°C and 37°C). “HI” will be displayed if the temperature is higher than 99°F (37°C), and “LO” will be displayed if the temperature is lower than 30°F (0°C).
This thermostat will automatically cutoff in Heat mode if the tempera- ture rises above 95°F (35°C), and automatically cutoff in Cool mode if the temperature drops below 45°F (7°C).

3.  Compressor Protection

This thermostat provides a 3.5 minute delay after shutting off the com- pressor before it can be restarted. This feature will prevent damage to your compressor caused by rapid cycling. It does not prevent a rapid compressor restart due to short power outages.

4.  Battery Warning

Two fresh AA alkaline batteries should provide well over one year of service. However, when the batteries become drained, the Low Bat- tery Indicator will flash on the display. When this message occurs, install new alkaline batteries. You have approximately 1 minute to change the batteries and keep the thermostat’s settings. Once the batteries have become too low to ensure proper operation, your sys- tem will be turned Off, and the display will be cleared except for flash- ing Low Battery Indicator on the LCD display.
CAUTION: When only the battery icon flashes on the display, the thermostat is shut down, and your system will no longer operate. In this condition, there is no temperature control of your dwelling.

What You Need to INSTALLATION CTC 43054
This thermostat includes two #8 slotted screws and two wall anchors for mounting. To install your thermostat, you should have the follow- ing tools and materials.

  • Slotted Screwdriver(s)
  • Small Philips screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill and 3/16” bit
  • Two 1.5 V (AA) size alkaline batteries (included)


Remove Old Thermostat
CAUTION: Do not remove any wiring from existing thermostat before reading the instructions carefully. Wires must be labeled prior to removal.
IMPORTANT! Turn off the power to the furnace at the main power panel or at the furnace.
Remove existing thermostat cover and thermostat. See Figure 1. Some thermostats will have screws or other locking devices that must first be removed. Once the wall mounting plate is exposed, look for wires.
If wires are not visible, they may be connected to the back of the wallplate. Again, look for screws, tabs, etc. Some models have doors that open to expose wires and mounting screws. See Figure 1.

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CTC Thermostat Model 43054 Owner's Manual


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