Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Owners Manual

Tesla Powerwall Installation Manual

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Owners Manual


This manual applies to the following products:

  • Powerwall 2 AC (1092170-xx-x)
  • Gateway (1099752-xx-x)
  • Backup Gateway (1118431-xx-x)
  • Gateway Meter (1112484-xx-x)

All specifications and descriptions contained in this document are verified to be accurate at the time of printing. However, because continuous improvement is a goal at Tesla, we reserve the right to make product modifications at any time. The images provided in this document are for demonstration purposes only. Depending on product version and market region, details may appear slightly different.

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC TABLE OF CONTENTS


  • Symbols in This Document
  • General Information
  • Environmental Conditions

Powerwall Warranty

Care and Maintenance

  • Environmental Requirements
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Maintenance

Powerwall System without Backup

  • About Powerwall
  • Monitoring Your System
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support

Powerwall System with Backup

  • About Powerwall
  • Monitoring Your System
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support

What to Do in Case of an Emergency 

System Information 


Powerwall installation and service require knowledge of high voltage electricity and should only be performed by Tesla Certified Installers. Tesla assumes no liability for injury or property damage due to repairs attempted by unqualified individuals or a failure to properly follow these instructions. These warnings and cautions must be followed when using Powerwall.

1.  Powerwall Warranty

Tesla Powerwall comes with a warranty whose term depends on the connection of Powerwall to the Internet. To secure the full 10-year warranty for Powerwall, it must be reliably connected to the Internet to allow remote firmware upgrades from Tesla. If an Internet connection is not established or is interrupted for an extended period, and Tesla is unable to contact you, the warranty may be limited to 4 years. For more information, refer to the Tesla Powerwall Warranty for your region at www.tesla.com.

2.  Care and Maintenance

Environmental Requirements
Powerwall is capable of charging and discharging within the operating temperature range specified below. At the extremes of the temperature range, Powerwall may limit charge or discharge power to improve battery lifespan. For best performance, the average ambient temperature over the system’s lifetime should fall within the optimum temperature range specified below.

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

Optimum Temperature

0°C to 30°C (32°F to 86°F)

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Care and Cleaning

If it is installed outside, keep the sides of Powerwall clear of leaves and other debris to maintain optimal airflow.
  CAUTION: Do not lean on, stack anything on top of, or hang anything from Powerwall or from wires or conduit leading to Powerwall.
  CAUTION: To clean Powerwall, use a soft, lint-free cloth. If needed, the cloth can be dampened with mild soap and water only.
  CAUTION: Do not use cleaning solvents to clean Powerwall, or expose Powerwall to flammable or harsh chemicals or vapors.

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Maintenance

Powerwall and the Gateway do not require pre-scheduled preventative maintenance. The only maintenance required by an owner is to keep the Powerwall unit free and clear of debris, especially around the air intake and exhaust.

3. Tesla Powerwall System without Backup

About Powerwall
Powerwall 2 AC is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self- consumption, load shifting, or off-grid use. The Gateway controls the operation of the system and allows remote monitoring of energy usage.

Tesla Powerwall System without Backup

Monitoring Your System
Using the Tesla app, you can monitor system operation from your mobile device, including the following:

  • Real-time power usage
  • Energy consumption history
  • Relative amounts of energy used from solar, grid, and Powerwall storage To download the latest version of the Tesla app, visit www.tesla.com.

A Powerwall 2 AC system includes the following components and features:

Powerwall 2 AC system includes the following components






Powerwall Air Intake


Powerwall Air Exhaust


Powerwall Wiring Compartment


Powerwall Inverter Module


Powerwall Battery Pack


Powerwall On/Off Switch


Powerwall LED Indicator

The Gateway provides control and monitoring capability through the Tesla app. During normal operation, Powerwall is controlled by the Gateway, and the Powerwall On/Off switch should remain in the ON position. When troubleshooting Powerwall operation, it may be necessary to turn off Powerwall or refer to its LED indicator to confirm that it is operating properly.

If the system is not working correctly, perform the following steps.
  CAUTION: Powerwall and the Gateway are not user-serviceable and must be repaired by a Tesla Certified Installer.

  • Check the LED on the right side of Powerwall to determine its status:

LED State


On (solid)

Powerwall enabled/Communication with the Gateway

On (flashing)

Powerwall enabled/No communication with the Gateway

On (pulsing)

Powerwall enabled and charging or discharging


Powerwall not enabled or switched off

  • If it is not possible to communicate with the Gateway through the Tesla app, ensure that the home Internet connection is working.
  • If the Gateway and Powerwall are both unresponsive:
    • Turn off Powerwall by setting its switch to the OFF position.
    • Turn off the AC breakers for the system (Gateway and Powerwall).
    • Wait for at least one minute.
    • Turn the AC breakers back on.
    • Turn on Powerwall.

NOTE: The Gateway is capable of withstanding voltage surges up to 1 kV (measured between line and ground or neutral and ground). If an event (such as a lightning strike) exceeds this threshold and causes the system to become unresponsive or the Tesla app to lose communication with the system, do the following:

  1. Turn off Powerwall.
  2. Turn off the AC breakers to the Gateway and Powerwall.
  3. Contact Tesla Support for assistance.

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