HOW TO USE FORKLIFT 7FBE10 to 20 series Manual


Operating procedure

(1) Operating procedures are described using either pattern A or pattern B.
Pattern A: Each step of the operation is explained with its own illustration.
Pattern B: The entire operation is indicated by step numbers in one illustration, followed by cautions, notes, and point operations.



1. Skillful operation

  • Prepare the tools, necessary measuring instruments (circuit tester, megohmmeter, oil pressure gauge, etc.) and SSTs before starting operation.
  • Check the cable color and wiring state before disconnecting any wiring.
  • When overhauling functional parts, complicated sections or related mechanisms, arrange the parts neatly to prevent confusion.
  • When disassembling and inspecting a precision part such as the control valve, use clean tools and operate in a clean location.
  • Follow the specified procedures for disassembly, inspection and reassembly.
  • Always replace gaskets, packing, O-rings, self-locking nuts and cotter pins with new ones each time they are disassembled.
  • Use genuine Toyota parts for replacement.
  • Use specified bolts and nuts and observe the specified tightening torque when reassembling. (Tighten to the medium value of the specified tightening torque range.) If no tightening torque is specified, use the value given in the “standard tightening torque table”.

2. Protection of functional parts (battery operated vehicles)

  • Before connecting the battery plug after vehicle inspection or maintenance, thoroughly check each connector for any connection failure or imperfect connection. Failure or imperfect connection of connectors related to controllers, especially, may damage elements inside the controllers.
  • Defect status check Do not start disassembly and/or replacement immediately, but first check that disassembly and/or replacement is necessary for the defect.
  • Waste fluid disposal Always use a proper container when draining waste fluid from the vehicle. Careless discharge of oil, fuel, coolant, oil filter, battery or other harmful substance may adversely affect human health and the environment. Always collect and sort well, and ask specialized companies for appropriate disposal.

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