2013 BMW 128i Convertible Owners Manual

2013 BMW 128i Convertible Owner's Manual

Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW. Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you with enhanced control and security when you drive it. We therefore have this request:

Please take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarize yourself with the information that we have compiled for you before starting off in your new vehicle. It contains important data and instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum use and satisfaction from your BMW's unique range of technical fea- tures. The manual also contains information on maintenance designed to enhance operating safety and contribute to main- taining the value of your BMW throughout an extended service life.

This manual is supplemented by a Service and Warranty Informa- tion Booklet for US models or a Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models.
We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. BMW AG

Service and warranty

We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly.
Your BMW is covered by the following warranties:

>    New Vehicle Limited Warranty
>    Rust Perforation Limited Warranty
>    Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty
>    Federal Emissions Performance Warranty
>    California Emission Control System Limited Warranty

Detailed information about these warranties is listed in the Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or in the Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models.

Your vehicle has been specifically adapted and designed to meet the particular operating con- ditions and registration requirements in your country and continental region in order to deliver the full driving pleasure while the vehicle is operated under those conditions. If you wish to operate your vehicle in another country or region, you may be required to adapt your vehi- cle to meet different prevailing operating condi- tions and registration requirements. You should also be aware of any applicable warranty limita- tions or exclusions for such country or region. In such case, please contact Customer Relations for further information.


Maintain the vehicle regularly to sustain the road safety, operational reliability and the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Specifications for required maintenance measures:

>    BMW Maintenance system
>    Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models
>    Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models

If the vehicle is not maintained according to these specifications, this could result in serious damage to the vehicle. Such damage is not covered by the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

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2013 BMW 128i Convertible Owner's Manual

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