2018 BMW X3 Owners Manual

About 2018 BMW X3 Owners Manual

The more familiar you are with your vehicle, the better control you will have on the road. We therefore strongly suggest: Read this 2018 BMW X3 Owner's Manual before starting off in your new BMW. Also use the Integrated Owner's Manual in your vehicle. It contains important information on vehicle operation that will help you make full use of the technical features available in your BMW. The manual also contains information designed to enhance operating reliability and road safety, and to contribute to maintaining the value of your BMW. Any updates made after the editorial deadline can be found in the appendix of the printed Owner's Manual for the vehicle. You can find supplementary information in the additional brochures in the onboard literature. We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride.

BMW X3 Owners Manual 2018 PDF Contents

The fastest way to find information on a particular topic or item is by using the index, refer to page 332. The topics of Navigation, Entertainment, and Communication can be called up via the following Owner's Manuals: Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle, Online Owner's Manual, BMW Driver's Guide app.

2018 BMW X3 features and options

This 2018 BMW X3 Owner's Manual describes all models and all standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series. Therefore, this Owner's Manual also describes and illustrates features and functions that are not available in your vehicle, for example because of the selected optional features or the country-specific version.

This also applies to safety-related functions and systems.

When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed. For any options and equipment not described in this Owner's Manual, refer to the Supplementary Owner's Manuals. Your BMW dealer’s service center is happy to answer any questions that you may have about the features and options applicable to your vehicle.

Status of the BMW X3 Owner's Manual 2018

Basic information

The manufacturer of your vehicle pursues a policy of constant development that is conceived to ensure that our vehicles continue to embody the highest quality and safety standards. In rare cases, therefore, the features described in this Owner's Manual may differ from those in your vehicle. Updates made after the editorial deadline

Due to updates after the editorial deadline, differences may exist between the printed Owner's Manual and the following Owner's Manuals:
▷ Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle.
▷ Online Owner's Manual.

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2018 BMW X3 Owner's Manual

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