Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Repair Manual

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Repair Manual

Technical specifications

Power consumption in stand by:

Operating panel with push buttons:

< 0,1 W

Operating panel with Piezoelectronic:

< 0,8 W

Time delay mode, cycle end mode & left open mode

Max. 2,5 W

Main power voltage range:



50/60 Hz



60 Hz



60 Hz






60 Hz


The repair instructions:

  • guide the service technician in troubleshooting and repairing domestic appliances
  • assist the technical storeman in deciding which spare parts are probably required for the repair
  •  inform trainers and technical personnel about design, function, troubleshooting and repairs
  • as supporting documentation support the training of the technical personnel

Apart from the repair instructions the service technician uses the following documents:

  • Parts list
  • Exploded drawing
  • Circuit diagrams

The described troubleshooting and repair may be carried out a service technician only. These repair instructions are assigned to specific appliances and are valid for those appliances only.

Describing design and function

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Manual

  1. Power module
  2. Heat pump
  3. Drain pump
  4. Overflow conduit / gutter
  5. Sealsystem
  6. Sump
  7. Outlet Valve
  8. Water softener
  9. Counter weight
  10. Heat exchanger (optinally)
  11. Outlet hose
  12. Heat exchanger (optinally)
  13. Inlet hose, cold water
  14. Inlet Hose, Hot Water Optionally

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Manual fig2

  1. Water storage tank
  2. Power module
  3. Outlet valve water storage tank
  4. Heat pump
  5. Drain pump
  6. Overflow conduit / gutter
  7. Filtersystem
  8. Sump
  9. Outlet valve heat exchanger
  10. Polystyrene float
  11. Water softener
  12. Counter weight
  13. Heat exchanger
  14. Inlet hose
  15. Outlet hose

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Door Sensor

Position of the door sensor

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Door Sensor Position

The door sensor is situated in the centre at the top of the inner door.

Function of the door sensor

Hall sensors (also known as Hall probes, after Edwin Hall) use the Hall effect to measure magnetic fields. A permanent magnet is inserted in the door lock. When the door is closed, the permanent magnet is positioned exactly over the Hall sensor.
When the door is opened or closed, the strength of the magnetic field changes on the Hall sensor. The Hall sensor modifies its power input. The electronics detect whether the door is open or closed. If the power input is outside a defined range, this is detected by the electronics as a fault.
The Hall sensor responds to the direction of the magnetic field. An incorrectly fitted permanent magnet or incorrectly polarised signal lines may result in wrong information being sent to the electronics.

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05  Door lock/Childproof lock

Overall view of the mechanical door lock

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Door Sensor Position fig2

The door lock is mechanical. A snap lock in the container frame engages in a recess in the door frame.

Function of the mechanical childproof lock (optional)

The mechanical childproof lock prevents the door from opening. Activation:
Pull lever outwards and push to the right.

Push lever all the way in.

Electronic door lock (optional)

The appliance can be secured to prevent programmes from being ended unintentionally (e.g. faulty operation by children).

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Electronic Door Lock

Activating button lock:

Start the required programme.
Hold down button B for approx. 4 sec. until CL is indicated on the digital display.
If any button is pressed while the programme is running, CL is dis- played. The programme cannot be ended (reset).

Deactivating button lock:

Hold down button B for approx. 4 sec. until CL goes out.
When the programme ends (on the digital display), the button lock is cancelled. If there is a power failure, the button lock is retained. Whenever a programme is started, the button lock must be re-activated

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Safety system

Components in the safety system

  • AquaStop / water inlet valve
  • Overflow channel and drainage duct
  • Safety switch – base pan
  • Intelligent electronics

Overflow channel and drainage duct

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Overflow channel and drainage duct

Leakage water is conveyed out of the container via the overflow channel, through the drainage duct and into the base pan.

Safety switch – base pan

Bosch Dishwasher 66A05 Safety switch – base pan

The safety switch is mechanically connected to the polystyrene float


The safety system is based on an “active” system.
The electronics continuously monitor the safety switch in the base pan. Even if the appliance is switched off.
If water runs into the base pan, the safety switch is actuated. The appliance switches on.
The electronics detect that the appliance was switched on via the safety system and immediately activates pump off.
The AquaStop- / water inlet- valve is deactivated.
Error code E:15 or a flashing tap LED indicates the error to the customer.
The appliance can no longer be operated until

  • The cause has been rectified and there is no longer any water in the base pan.
  • The appliance has been isolated from the power supply.

Auxiliary function with devices with AquaStop:
If leakage water runs into the base pan via the rinsing tank and the overflow channel, a further overflow can be prevented by switching on the drainage pump.
If the supply hose is defective, water runs directly into the base pan via the external hose (leakage water hose). The AquaStop valve is deactivated.

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