2010 BMW 128i Coupe (without iDrive) Owners Manual

Description 2010 BMW 128i Coupe Owners Manual

When you ordered your BMW, you chose vari- ous items of equipment. This Owner's Manual describes the entire array of options and equip- ment available with a specific BMW model. Please bear in mind that the manual may con- tain information on accessories and equipment that you have not specified for your own vehicle. Sections describing options and special equip- ment are marked by asterisks * to assist you in identifying possible differences between the descriptions in this manual and your own vehi- cle's equipment. If equipment in your BMW is not described in this Owner's Manual, please refer to the accom- panying Supplementary Owner's Manuals.

Starting the engine 2010 BMW 128i Coupe

Do not run the engine in enclosed areas; otherwise, the inhalation of toxic exhaust gases can cause loss of consciousness and death. The exhaust gases contain carbon mon- oxide, an odorless and colorless, but highly toxic gas. Never leave an unattended vehicle with the engine running; otherwise, such a vehi- cle represents a potential safety hazard. Before leaving the car with the engine running, place the transmission in neutral or move the selector lever to position P and forcefully apply the parking brake to prevent the car from mov- ing. Do not wait for the engine to warm up while the vehicle remains stationary. Start driving right away, but at moderate engine speeds.

Avoid frequent starting in quick succes- sion as well as repeated start attempts in which the engine does not start. Otherwise, the fuel is not burned or incompletely burned and there is a danger of overheating and damaging the catalytic converter.

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2010 BMW 128i Coupe Owners Manual

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