Canon LBP-1210 Service Manual

Canon LBP-1210 Service Manual

This Canon LBP-1210 Service Manual contains basic information required for after-sales service of the laser beam printer LBP-1210 (hereinafter referred to as the "printer"). This information is vital to the service technician in maintaining the high print quality and performance of the printer.

This Canon LBP-1210 Service Manual consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Product information

Features, specifications, operation, and installation

Chapter 2: Operation and Timing

A description of the operating principles and timing sequences of the electrical and mechanical systems.

Chapter 3: The Mechanical System

Explanation of mechanical operation, disassembly, reassembly and adjustment procedures

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting procedures, reference values and adjustments, maintenance and servicing, etc.

Appendix: General timing chart, general circuit diagram, etc.

Information in this Canon LBP-1210 Manual is subject to change as the product is improved or redesigned. All relevant information in such cases will be supplied in the Service Information Bulletins. A thorough understanding of this printer, based on information in this Manual and Service Information bulletins, is required for maintaining its performance and for locating and repairing the causes of malfunctions.

This manual was produced on an Apple PowerMacintosh G4/500MHz personal computer and output by a Canon COLOR LASER SHOT LBP-2260PS laser beam printer; final pages were printed on AGFA Selectset avantra 25. All graphics were produced with Macromedia FreeHand (J), and all documents and page layouts were created with QuarkXPress (E). The video images were captured with SONY degital video camcorder and Radius PhotoDV capture board system, and modified with Adobe Photoshop (J).


  1. Small-Sized Printer with High Speed and High Resolution. This printer is compact enough to set on a desk and has realized high speed of 14 pages per minute (A4) and high resolution of 600 dpi.
  2. Employment of Canon Advanced Printing Technology. With Canon Advanced Printing Technology, data can be processed within a host computer. This frees the printer from the PDL conversion and image processing, increasing the speed performance and reducing the cost.
  3. Shortened Wait Time & Low Power Consumption. By adopting an on-demand fixing method that drives the heater only during printing, the printer has shorten the wait time and reduced the consumption power during standby.
  4. Employment of USB Interface as a Standard. The printer employs an USB interface as a standard, allowing easy connection to peripherals.
  5. Direct Connection to the Network. The printer enables the user to connect directly to the printer by utilizing a specified network adapter.


  1. Type Desktop page printer
  2. Printing method Electrophotography
  3. Printing speed (Note1) 14 pages/minute (A4)
  4. First print time (Note2)
    • Face-down 10 seconds or less
    • Face-up 9.4 seconds or less
  5. Wait time (Note3) 8 seconds or less
  6. Resolution
    • Horizontal 600 DPI
    • Vertical 600 DPI
  7. Image formation system
    • Laser Semiconductor laser
    • Scanning system Rotating four-sided prism mirror
    • Photosensitive drum OPC
    • Charging Roller charging
    • Exposure Laser scanning
    • Toner Magnetic single-component dry toner
    • Development Toner projection development system
    • Toner supply (Note4) Replaceable EP toner cartridge (able to print approx. 2,500 A4- sized print sheets: with image density set in the middle, and 4 % dot density ratio)
    • Image transfer Roller transfer
    • Separation Curvature separation
    • Cleaning Blade
    • Fixing method On-demand fixing
  8. Pick-up Cassette Multi-purpose tray
    • Pick-up method Pad separation method
    • Paper types Plain paper, thick paper, colored paper labels, transparencies, index cards, and envelopes
    • Paper size 76.2 (W) x 127 (L) mm - 216 (W) x 356 (L) mm sized plain paper (60 - 90 g/m2 recommended paper), thick paper (91 - 163 g/m2 recommended paper), and above mentioned paper
    • Multi-purpose tray capacity 10 sheets
    • Cassette capacity Stack height 25 mm (approx. 250 sheets of 64 g/m2 paper)
  9. Delivery Face-down/face-up
    • Face-down tray capacity Approx. 125 sheets (64 g/m2)
    • Face-up tray capacity One sheet (Paper is to be removed manually one by one.)
  10. Duplex printing Manual duplex printing
    • (Note5) Plain paper (60 - 90 g/m2 recommended paper), thick paper (91 - 163 g/m2 recommended paper), and colored paper can be printed duplex.
  11. Operating environment
    • Temperature 10 ~ 32.5 ˚C
    • Humidity 20 ~ 80 % RH
    • Air pressure 747 ~ 1013 hPa (560 ~ 760 mmHg)
  12. Power consumption Approx. 670 W or less (Room temperature 20 ˚C, with rated line voltage on, including a peak last for longer than one second)
  13. Noise level (Officially announced noise emission level in accordance with ISO 9296) Sound power level (1B = 10 dB) 6.2 B or less (printing) Dark sound level (standby) Sound pressure level 48 dB or less (printing) (Bystander position) Dark sound level (standby)
  14. Dimensions 388(W) x 524mm(D) x 254 mm(H)
  15. Weight Approx. 7.8 Kg (printer only), Approx. 0.61 Kg (EP cartridge)
  16. Power supply 100-127V ±10% (50/60 Hz ±2 Hz) 220-240V +6%-10% (50 Hz ±2 Hz)



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