Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual

Organization of Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual

Frontis - Introductory, Safety and Regulatory Information

This section contains important safety information regarding technical components, regulatory agency requirements, and information about this manual.

Section 1 - General Information

This section cantains a general overview of the system and basic information regarding the control panel, consumables, and the system’s physical, functional, electrical, environmental, and media specifications.

Section 2 - Theory of Operation

This section contains the basic theory of operation for the entire system. It includes diagrams and detailed operating information regarding the sub-systems (internal components), print processes (media paths and imaging), and electronics (power supply and boards).

Section 3 - Error Codes and Messages

This section provides detailed troubleshooting procedures for the system, utilizing the displayed control panel error codes and messages.

Section 4 - General Troubleshooting

This section covers general start-up, POST, BIST, PEST, and power supply operations of the system to aid in troubleshooting problems not associated with a control panel message or error code. This section also covers the Service Diagnostic functions of the system.

Section 5 - Image-Quality Troubleshooting

This section provides image-quality troubleshooting procedures for the entire system. It also contains the various test prints available to aid in troubleshooting image-quality problems.

Section 6 - Adjustments and Calibrations

This section provides procedures for proper homing of the systems components, system calibrations, ensuring ground integrity of the system, and resetting NVRAM.

Section 7 - Cleaning and Maintenance

This section provides basic information on cleaning and maintaining the system for optimal operation. It also includes printer self-maintenance functions.

Section 8 - Disassembly

This section contains all the disassembly instructions for removing and replacing Xerox spared parts.

Section 9 - Parts List

This section contains exploded diagrams and detailed parts lists for the WorkCentre C2424 Copier-Printer and the most common Xerox supplies used for this system.

Section 10 - Wiring Diagrams

This section contains the main wiring diagrams, plug-jack connector maps, and wiring diagrams to aid in troubleshooting the PEST codes.

Manual Terms

Various terms are used throughout this manual to either provide additional information on a specific topic or to warn of possible danger present during a procedure or action. Be aware of all symbols and terms when they are used, and always read NOTE, CAUTION, and WARNING statements.


A note indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that is neccessary to efficiently accomplish a task.

A note can provide additional information related to a specific subject or add a comment on the results achieved through a previous action.


A caution indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that, if not strictly observed, results in damage to, or destruction of, equipment.


A warning indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that, if not strictly observed, results in injury or loss of life.

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