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Canon W8400 Product Overview

Canon W8400 is a large format printer which is capable of high-speed, photo-quality printing on large-size paper up to 44 inches wide (B0 size with index
lines).The printer is a stand-mounted. The printer is capable of output to either roll media or cut sheet. External View of Printer (1/2)

Canon W8400 Product Overview

[1] Right cover [7] Upper cover
[2] Upper right cover [8] USB port
[3] Operation panel [9] Expansion board slots (a network interface board or IEEE1394 expansion board. *1)
[4] Output stacker [10] Connector for the Media take-up unit
[5] Stand (option except for USA model) [11] Power supply connector
[6] Upper left cover

Canon W8400 Features

  • Reduced size with ink tank placed in rear.
  • Printable on a variety of print media with the use of two types of black ink (replaceable). Photo Black: This ink has excellent gloss and black density for glossy media and proof media.Nearly all types of media can be printed, including glossy media. Matte Black: This ink has excellent black density for standard paper, fine art media, and matte media. It cannot be used for glossy media.
  • Remaining roll media control made possible by barcode printed on roll media.
  • Four-sides borderless printing support (roll media) eliminates tedious cutting and simplifies poster creation.
  • High quality photo finish with 2400 x 1200 dpi maximum resolution using highly lightfast, water-proof, and ozone-proof six color (C, M, Y, Bk, MBk, PC, PM) pigment ink. (Choose either Bk or MBk)
  • High-speed printing with bidirectional print control using 1 inch (1280-nozzles) head for each color.
  • Tubing type ink supply completely separating print head and large capacity ink tank.
  • Support for roll media and cut sheets.
  • Roll media with width from 203.2 to 609.6 mm and length up to 18 m can be used.
  • Standard carriage mounted cutter enables automatic sheet cutting. In addition, optional cutter unit enables cutting of additional types of media.
  • Cut sheet feeding, media discharge, and ink tank replacement can be performed easily from the front.
  • Standard support for high-speed USB2.0 interface. Optional support for 10Base-T/100Base-TX TCP/IP network or IEEE1394.

Canon W8400 Printhead

Canon W8400 Printhead

On the carriage, disposable printhead is installed, each of which contains six rows of integrated nozzles. Each row consists of 1280 nozzles, which are arranged in a staggered pattern for printing efficiency. If print quality does not improve despite carrying out cleaning, the printhead should be replaced with a new one. Generally, it is recommended that the print head be replaced about 6 months after you have opened the package.

Canon W8400 Ink Tank

Canon W8400 Ink Tank

The ink tank is disposable.
There are six colors: Black (Bk), Photo Cyan (PC), Cyan (C), Photo Magenta (PM), Magenta (M) and Yellow (Y), each using pigment based ink. Either Black (Bk) or Matte Black (MBk) can be selected for Black. There are the following features in two kinds of black ink.

  • Photo Black
    • This ink has excellent gloss and black density for glossy media and proof media. Nearly all types of media can be printed, including glossy media.
  • Matte Black
    • This ink has excellent black density for standard paper, fine art media, and matte media. It cannot be used for glossy media.

To install an ink tank, open the right cover of the printer and insert the tank. The printer features a mechanism by which only the correct color ink tank will fit in its given slot. When the "No Ink" message is displayed, replace the ink tank with a new one. Also, the ink tanks should generally be replaced 6 months after you have opened the package.


Canon W8400 Service Manual has been issued by Canon Inc. for qualified persons to learn technical theory, installation, maintenance, and repair of products. This manual covers all localities where the products are sold. For this reason, there may be information in this manual that does not apply to your locality.


Canon W8400 Service Manual may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors due to improvements or changes in products. When changes occur in applicable products or in the contents of this manual, Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.

The following rules apply throughout this Canon W8400 Service Manual:

  1. Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with reference to the timing of operation. In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbol , the arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal. The expression "turn on the power" means flipping on the power switch, closing the front door, and closing the delivery unit door, which results in supplying the machine with power.
  2. In the digital circuits, '1'is used to indicate that the voltage level of a given signal is "High", while '0' is used to indicate "Low".(The voltage value, however, differs from circuit to circuit.) In addition, the asterisk (*) as in "DRMD*" indicates that the DRMD signal goes on when '0'. In practically all cases, the internal mechanisms of a microprocessor cannot be checked in the field. Therefore, the operations of the microprocessors used in the machines are not discussed: they are explained in terms of from sensors to the input of the DC controller PCB and from the output of the DC controller PCB to the loads.

The descriptions in this Canon W8400 Service Manual are subject to change without notice for product improvement or other purposes, and major changes will be communicated in the form of Service Information bulletins.

All service persons are expected to have a good understanding of the contents of this Service Manual and all relevant Service Information bulletins and be
able to identify and isolate faults in the machine."

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