HP 2564B/C Printer Service Manual

INTRODUCTION HP 2564B/C Printer Service Manual

This manual provides installation and servicing information for the HP 2564B/C printer. A functional theory of operation provides a general overview of the electrical operation of the unit. The following information is included in this manual:

Chapter 1

Product Information

Chapter 2

Installation and Configuration

Chapter 3

Theory of Operation

Chapter 4

Configuration & Diagnostics

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Removal and Replacement

Chapter 7

Parts & Diagrams


The HP 2564B and 2564C are impact line printers at the mid range of Hewlett-Packard's 256X impact printer family. (The HP 2564B printers are no longer manufactured.) The PCL printer language ensures common feature access, software development protection and a smooth upgrade path. The HP 2564C is used for volume printing needs of up to 230,000 pages per month and print speeds of up to 840 LPM (Lines Per Minute).

Both printers are cabinet-mounted (free-standing) models, with "quietizedlj printer cabinets. The HP 2564C incorporates an advanced design paper stacking aid to assist in trouble free output stacking.


Each printer has an identification plate which lists the model and the serial number and is attached to the rear panel next to the power switch. The model number is an alphanumeric (such as 2564B/C). The serial number consists of a four digit prefix, a letter, and a five digit suffix

The prefix is used to indicate design changes. The letter in the fifth location designates the country in which the printer was manufactured ("Alt = United States, "Y" = Mexico). The suffix is a sequential number which increments with each printer.

The identificaticn plate also lists the factory installed options. The option numbers are three-digit numbers (such as 015) which, in combination with the model number, indicate the configuration of the unit.

Printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) are identified by a part number and an alphanumeric code consisting of a letter, series code, and a division code stamped or etched on the assembly (for example A-1940-46). The letter identifies the version of the etched trace pattern on the unloaded printed circuit board. The four digit series code pertains to the electrical characteristics of the loaded PCA. The division code identifies the Hewlett-Packard division that manufactured the PCA.


The standard HP 2564B/C is a 600 line per minute, 132 column printer configured for 120 VAC operation. Unless otherwise specified, the standard HP 2564C is provided with a power cord for use in the United States, and a ribbon cartridge. Standard character set is ROMAN8 in standard (10 CPI), compressed, and double-size characters, and high speed draft characters. All models also include a 16-channel programmable Vertical Format Control (VFC).

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