HP Designjet T730 & T830 MFP Service Manual

HP Designjet T730 & T830 MFP Service Manual

HP Designjet T730 & T830 MFP Dashboard icons

The following items are displayed only on the paper tab screen:

  •  Press  to change printer settings.
  •  Press to eject paper from the scanner.
  •  Press  to view information about ink supplies.
  •  Press to view information about the printhead.
  •  Press to view information about network status, and configure the network (wireless or wired).
  •  Press to access access Web Services.
  •  Press to access WiFi Direct.

If the printer is left idle for some time, it goes into sleep mode and switches off the front-panel display. To change the time that elapses before sleep mode, slide , then Printer setup > Sleep mode. You can set a time between 5 and 240 minutes. The printer wakes from sleep mode and switches on the front-panel display whenever there is some external interaction with it.

You can use the printer’s auto-off feature to turn the printer off automatically. For example, setting it to 2 hours turns the printer off after 2 hours of inactivity. In this way, you can save more energy. However, the auto-off feature is automatically disabled when the printer is connected to the network, to avoid inconveniencing network users.

The following table shows an overview of the two types of support menu available, for more details see Entering the support menus on page 182

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