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About Inside TTX, The Öhlins TTX40 Manual

Congratulations on choosing the Öhlins TTX damper, the latest from Öhlins. Get to know your TTX, and be sure to read The Öhlins TTX40 Manual thoroughly before using the dampers. We recommend that you keep this manual handy. The TTX damper is the culmination of three decades of Öhlins’ successful participation in world championship events winning more than 100 World Championships. Many years of work together with some of the world’s most successful racing teams together with advanced dynamic analysis methods developed at Öhlins Racing headquarter in Sweden has given Öhlins the unique knowledge needed to design the TTX damper. The Öhlins TTX damper, originally developed for formula racing, is designed to handle the demanding damping characteristics needed for all types of tracks, from street courses to super speedways. The TTX damper is fully adjustable with maximised damper response together with qualities you’ve never seen before when it comes to ”settings”. Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable and fully independent. The adjustment range is huge with equal increments of force throughout the adjustment range. Even the shape of the damping curve can easily be changed All adjusters affect the flow from the main piston, not the piston rod displacement volume.

The compression damping forces of the TTX damper are not, as in a conventional damper, caused by a pressure drop on the rebound side, but by increased pressure on the compression side. This reduces the risk of cavitation and makes any reservoir valve or high gas pressure unnecessary. So, no balancing of reservoir damping to main piston damping is needed to avoid cavitation and improve damping response. Maximum response and minimum risk of cavitation will always occur. With no reservoir valve, the internal pressure of the damper unit will be kept to a minimum. The low amount of hysteresis results in excellent short stroke/high force performance. Also, a very low gas pressure can be used without any loss of damping performance. Along with the damper comes a unique Valving Reference Program (available for download free of charge at This computer model of the damper will allow you to find damping curves without a dynamometer. It will reduce building time tremendously and allow exact damper adjustments in pit lane. The TTX product will revolutionise the work for mechanics and engineers in the racing business.

The Öhlins TTX40 Manual text is based on TTX dampers starting with Öhlins part number TTX NE0. These are through rod type dampers loaded with several new concepts. As always, all dampers are tested before they are delivered to the customer. In keeping with Öhlins long tradition of perfection, quality is outstanding and long life is to be expected. Welcome to the World of Öhlins.

Öhlins TT44 Design Criteria

After the Öhlins TT44 was introduced to the market in 1996, it very quickly became one of the most popular dampers in formula racing. For some period, more than 95% of the cars in The Champ Car World Series were using TT44 dampers. There are several reasons why the TT44 became so popular. One reason is that it came with some new features not available on other dampers. One of them is the powerful low speed adjusters, totally independent and with the compression adjuster restricting the oil flow from the main piston, not only from the piston rod displacement. Another is the compression high speed adjuster, giving new possibilities to reshape the compression curve. When designing the new TTX, the goal was to come up with a damper which would be just as big a step forward as the TT44 had been. Highest priority should be not only to design a damper with excellent performance, but also a damper easier to work on and use than any other product available. During the development several patent applications were made. Six of the most important design criteria for the TTX are listed below (Figure 2.1).

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Inside TTX, The Öhlins TTX40 Manual

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