Ohlins Shock Absorber Automotive, STX Manual

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Most of Öhlins suspensions are a high pressure monotube type. The fluid is under gas pressure and the gas/fluid are kept apart by a separating piston. The piston is usually fitted in an external reservoir, connected by a hose (Fig. 4) or fixed directly on top of the shock absorber (Fig 3 ). In some models everything is fitted inside the main shock absorber (Fig 2 ). A few shock absorbers are of emulsion type, oil and gas mixed inside the shock absorber (Fig 1 ). In some models an internal gas reservoir is separated from the tube by a base plate (Fig. 5). The oil flow is controlled by the base plate before it reaches the separating piston. The fluid is pressurized by nitrogen (N2).

Ohlins Shock Absorber Automotive

The pressurisation prevents cavitation of the fluid and the shock absorbing action is therefore more even. The external reservoir also contributes to better cooling of the fluid, giving longer service life for the fluid as well as the components.

Spring Preload

When adjusting the spring preload you move the spring seat. This will decrease or increase the initial spring force, which will lower or raise the ride height. The spring preload is fundamental for the function of the suspension. If the preload is incorrectly set, other adjustments of the shock absorber will not help to get the intended performance from the suspension.

How to Set the Spring Preload

Use a C-spanner. Loosen the lock nut (1A). Move the lower spring platform (1B) to the desired position. Turn clockwise to increase the preload, turn counter clockwise to decrease it.

Compression and Rebound Damping

Compression damping controls the energy absorption when the shock absorber is compressed, thus controls how easy the shock absorber compresses when the wheel is being loaded or hits a bump. Rebound damping controls the energy absorption when the shock absorber is being extended and controls how fast the shock absorber returns to its normal position after being compressed. Adjust compression (1) and rebound damping (2) by turning the adjusters. The adjusters have a normal right hand thread.

Compression and Rebound Damping

To reset

Turn the adjuster clockwise to fully closed position (position zero [0]). Then, turn counter clockwise to open, and count the clicks until you reach the recommended number of clicks. See recommended Set-up data in the Mounting Instructions for the shock absorber. Contact an Öhlins distributor if you have any questions regarding correct spring set-up.

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Ohlins Shock Absorber STX Manual

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