Ohlins Shock Absorber for Automotive, TPXTTX44 Owners Manual

Ohlins Shock Absorber for Automotive, TPXTTX44 Owners Manual

Congratulations on choosing the Öhlins TPX/ TTX44 high performance shock absorber - the most unique and powerful shock absorber available today. The TPX44 is a McPherson type whereas the TTX44 is a twin tube type shock absorber. Both are available with three way adjusters, high and low speed compression with rebound adjusters as well as with the new updated Progressive Damping System (PDS). The TPX/ TTX44 shock absorber design is the culmination of three decades of Öhlins successful participation in World Championship events. This shock absorber draws on all the expertise developed by Öhlins while winning more than a hundred World Championships. The TPX/ TTX44 shock absorbers are designed to handle the demanding damping characteristics needed for all types of roads. For best performance, the shock absorber must be adjusted to different driving conditions; for the smooth and fast gravel roads in Finland or the rougher roads in Greece or in the Middle East.

The Öhlins TPX/TTX44 features a patented concept with a unique design, that allows for the gas pressure to always back-up the lowpressure side of the piston to keep pressure at a controlled level. Both concepts enable totally separated adjusters for compression and rebound damping. Temperature stability is maintained by a flow restriction design in the bleed valves that creates a turbulent flow at very low piston velocities. Also, materials with different thermal expansion rates are used to compensate for the viscosity change of the fluid caused by changes in temperature.

In addition the Öhlins shim system offers infinite combinations of shim stacks, with a wide spectrum of different character using the same piston. The whole system is pressurized by nitrogen gas behind a floating piston to ensure separation of the gas and fluid. The Öhlins TPX/ TTX44 shock absorbers are racer friendly shock absorbers, easy to set up, dial in and rebuild. Remember that you can always get support from the Öhlins dealers worldwide.


Ohlins TPXTTX44 Set up the vehicle

Installing new shock absorbers may change the ride height and wheel angles on your vehicle. Therefore, we recommend to do a complete setup check of the vehicle after you have installed the Öhlins shock absorber.

  1. Check ride height, front and rear. Note ride height. Adjust if necessary.
  2. If scales are available, check corner weight, front and rear. Note measures. Adjust if necessary.

Ohlins TPXTTX44 Make adjustments

Suspension settings depend on the vehicle weight, the driving style and the road conditions. If you are not happy with our recommended settings, follow these few guidelines and ground rules on how to make adjustments.

  • Make adjustments in small steps (2-3 at a time) and not outside the usable click range, take notes. See the Mounting instructions or contact an Öhlins dealer.
  • When you think you have made an improvement, go back to the adjustment settings you started with, and double check to be sure.
  • Pay attention to changes in conditions like tires or temperatures, etc. In general, compression damping changes should be used to influence the vehicle stability and response, while rebound damping changes should be used to influence comfort and traction.
  • When you need more damping force, you should mainly try to increase compression damping and use as little rebound damping as possible. This usually means that you gain comfort and handling performance.


When adjusting the spring preload you move the spring seat which will lower or raise the vehicle ride height. The ride height is an important criteria for the vehicle stability and behaviour.


Set the spring preload - type 1

  1. Use the C-spanner to unlock the lock nut.
  2. Turn the spring platform with the Preload adjuster tool to the desired position.
  3. After adjusting, make sure to lock the lock nut.

Set the spring preload - type 2

  1. Use two C-spanners to unlock the lock nut.
  2. Turn the spring platform to the desired position.
  3. After adjusting, make sure to lock the lock nut. 

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Ohlins Shock Absorber TPXTTX44 Owners Manual


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