OHLINS TTX44 Service Manual

OHLINS TTX44 Service Manual

OHLINS TTX44 Safety precautions

Before ou start

ÖhIins Racing AB can not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever to spare parts, suspension or vehicle, or injury to persons, if the instructions for fitting and maintenance are not followed exactly. Similarly, the warranty will become null and void if the instructions are not adhered to. Make sure you have all the necessary tools before you start working on the ÖhIins shock absorber. Please study and make certain that you fully understand the work shop manual before handling the shock absorber. If you have any questions regarding proper service procedures, contact an ÖhIins dealer.

OHLINS TTX44 Introduction

All of ÖhIins advanced suspension products are adapted to the make and model. This means that length,  travel, spring-action and damping characteristics,  are tested individually just for the vehicle fitted with ÖhIins suspension. When servicing be sure to use the correct spare parts. The information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are the latest product information available at the time of publication. This manual is to be used to make service of the ÖhIins shock absorbers. ÖhIins work shop manual will help you to make an easy and safe service of the ÖhIins shock absorber as possible, for maximum performance of your vehicle.

This shock absorber is provided with a separate type reservoir filled with high-pressure nitrogen gas. To prevent danger of explosion; study and make certain that you fully understand following information before performing service on the shock absorber!
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or personal injury that may result from incorrect handle with the shock absober.

  1. Never tamper with or attempt to disassemble the cylinder or the reservoir.
  2. Never expose the shock absorber to an open flame or other excessive heat. The shock absorber may otherwise explode due to too high pressure!
  3. Be careful not to damage any part of the gas reservoir: A damaged gas reservoir will impair the damping pefformance or cause malfunction.
  4. Do not scratch or damage the piston rod contact surface on the cylinder; oil could otherwise leak out.
  5. Never attempt to remove the plug at the bottom of the nitrogen gas reservoir. Any attempt to remove the plug implies serious danger!

OHLINS TTX44 Table of Contents


Safety precautions



1. Remove the spring


2. Check the gas pressure


3. Disassemble the shock absorber


4. Disassemble compression and rebound valves


5. Revalving


6. Assemble compression and rebound valves


     7. Disassemble the shaft                                                                      


      8. Assemble tie shaft                                                                           


21. Fluid filling - by hand


22. Charge with gas


23. Reinstalling the spring


24. Set the compression/rebound adjuster(s)


25. Check the spring preload


26. CSC-adjuster - Change o-ring and screw


27. End eye - Change ball joint and spacers


Drawing - General assembly TTX44 M)(                                          


Information Öhlins fluid & grease


Öhlins product disposal


Tools needed for working with TTX44 MX



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OHLINS TTX44 Service Manual

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