Yamaha wr450f Owners Manual

Introduction Yamaha wr450f Owners Manual

All of Öhlins advanced suspension products are adapted to the brand and model. This means that length, travel, spring, action and damping characteristics, are tested individually just for your motorcycle.

Öhlins products are subject to continual improvement and development. Consequently, although these instructions include the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing, there may be minor differences between your suspension and this manual. Please consult your Öhlins dealer if you have any questions with regard to the contents of the manual.

Before installation Yamaha wr450f

Öhlins Racing AB can not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever to front fork or vehicle, or injury to persons, if the instructions for fitting and maintenance are not followed exactly. Similarly, the warranty will become null and void if the instructions are not adhered to.

Design Yamaha wr450f

Öhlins new upside-down (USD) front fork is designed to combine the advantages of comfortable, safe conventional forks and rigid, light USD forks. The result is a unique combination of being rigid, precise in corners and during hard braking yet comfortable, forgiving during “over-landing“ and in big bumps. Your new Öhlins USD front fork has aluminium outer legs and 46 mm steel inner legs, with a polished surface for lowest possible friction. The new USD fork features the Öhlins cartridge damping system. The fork is fully adjustable with external adjuster for compression and rebound damping. The compression adjuster is located at the bottom of the fork leg (Fig.1), the rebound adjuster at the top (Fig.2). Spring pre-load is adjusted with spring supports of different heights (Fig.3), and optional springs are available to suit different tracks and riders.

In the legs there are also “air-springs“ (the air trapped above the oil) that work together with the “real“ spring. You adjust the air-spring by raising or lowering the oil level in the legs. By using different combinations of springs and air-springs you can alter the characteristic of the fork. For example, a soft spring in combination with a small air-spring (high oil level) makes the fork progressive; see Fine-tuning the bike.

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