Yamaha YZ125K1 Part Fiche User Manual

Introduction the Yamaha YZ125K1 Part Fiche

This part fiche list part and sub-assemblies for the Yamaha YZ125K1. When preparing to part order please refer to the most recently updated microfiche this model. If a part "A'' has been superseeded part "B" the super seeded part number "B" will appear in the part number listing with the super seeded part number "A" appering in parentheses immediately folowing the description.

The Yamaha Part Number Configuration

The Yamaha part number consists of 12 digits. East number a represent a spesific piece of information relating to a replacement part. The folowing is a guide reading and interpreting The Yamaha Part Number.


FIRST THREE DIGITS ...000-00000-0 0 -00  

Every model in each Yamaha pruduct line is assigned a model number to identify that particular model. All component part are given the model code number relating to the model on which they were first used

EXAMPLE :    4DU-00000-00-00  identifies the XJ600SE

                     3FA-00000-00-00  identifies the YFA1E

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Yamaha YZ125K1 Part Fiche User Manual

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