Yamaha yfm 350 User Manual

Yamaha yfm 350 User Manual and Service Manual

Removing stock carburetor and cables

1.Remove seat and gas tank. Make sure fuel petcock is in “off” position.

2.Remove throttle cable paying close attention to routing, as the new cable(s) will need too be routed the same.

3.Remove stock carburetor and stock throttle housing.

Preparing motor for carburetor install

1.Remove stock manifold from cylinder head.

2.Place supplied o’ring into aluminum flange as pictured in figure 1.

3.Install aluminum and rubber flange to motor using supplied bolts. See Figure 2. The shorter 25mm bolt will need to be placed in the bottom hole. IMPORTANT NOTE: Install the aluminum flange with the o’ring towards the motor and the thick side up.

Yamaha yfm 350 User Manual

1.Install the throttle cables into the supplied throttle housing and place onto clean handlebar end.

2.Route throttle cables through frame as stock cable was routed.

3. Install the pull cable (long shoulder on cable) into the 4:00 position and the return cable end into the 1:00 position of the cable  wheel. Secure cables to cable bracket by replacing end piece and Phillips screw. See figure 3

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