Suzuki 2010 Kizashi User Manual

Suzuki 2010 Kizashi User Manual

Thank you for choosing Suzuki 2010 Kizashi and welcome to our growing family. Your choice was a wise one; Suzuki 2010 Kizashi products are a great value that will give you years of driving pleasure.

This Owner’s Manual was prepared to help you have a safe, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience with your SUZUKI. In it you will learn about the vehicle’s operation, its safety features and maintenance requirements. Please read it carefully before operating your vehicle. Afterwards, keep this Manual in the glove box for future reference. Should you resell the vehicle, please leave this Manual with it for the next owner.

In addition to the Owner’s Manual, the other booklets provided with your SUZUKI explain the vehicle’s warranties. We recommend you read them as well to familiarize yourself with this important information.

When planning the regular scheduled maintenance of your Suzuki 2010 Kizashi, we recommend you visit your local SUZUKI dealership. Their fac- tory-trained technicians will provide the best possible service and use only genuine Suzuki 2010 Kizashi parts and accessories.


  1. Fuel (see section 1)
  2. Engine hood (see section 5)
  3. Tire changing tools (see section 8)
  4. Engine oil dipstick <Yellow> (see section 7)
  5. CVT fluid dipstick <Red or Orange> (see section 7)
  6. Engine coolant (see section 7)
  7. Windshield washer fluid (see section 7)
  8. Battery (see section 7)
  9. Tire pressure (see Tire Information Label on driver’s door lock pillar)
  10. Spare tire (see section 7)

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Suzuki 2010 Kizashi User Manual

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