Suzuki Grand Vitara 99011-66J22-03E User Manual

Suzuki Grand Vitara 99011-66J22-03E User Manual

Thank you for choosing SUZUKI and welcome to our growing family. Your choice was a wise one; SUZUKI products are a great value that will give you years of driving pleasure.

This Owner’s Manual was prepared to help you have a safe, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience with your SUZUKI. In it you will learn about the vehicle’s operation, its safety features and maintenance requirements. Please read it carefully before operating your vehicle. Afterwards, keep this Manual in the glove box for future reference. Should you resell the vehicle, please leave this Manual with it for the next owner.

In addition to the Owner’s Manual, the other booklets provided with your SUZUKI explain the vehicle’s warranties. We recommend you read them as well to familiarize yourself with this important information.

When planning the regular scheduled maintenance of your SUZUKI, we recommend you visit your local SUZUKI dealership. Their fac- tory-trained technicians will provide the best possible service and use only genuine SUZUKI parts and accessories.

LOCATION OF WARNING MESSAGES Suzuki Grand Vitara 99011-66J22-03E

Read and follow all of the warnings (labels etc.) on your vehicle. Make sure you understand all of them. Keep them on the vehicle. Do not remove the messages for any reason. If a label comes off or the messages become difficult to be read, have it corrected by your SUZUKI dealer.

  1. Air bag warning labels (on both sun visors)
  2. Rollover warning label
  3. Passenger seat belt warning label
  4. Jacking warning label
  5. Jacking warning label
  6. Fuel filler cap message
  7. Transfer switch warning label
  8. Brake fluid cap message
  9. Engine cooling fan warning label
  10. Radiator cap warning label
  11. Air conditioner warning label
  12. Battery label
  13. Side air bag warning label
  14. Rear outboard seat belt warning label
  15. Rear center seat belt warning label
  16. Luggage compartment cover warning label

Fuel Recommendation

Your vehicle requires regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum rating of 87 pump octane ((R + M)/2 method). In some areas, the only fuels that are available are oxy- genated fuels. Oxygenated fuels which meet the mini- mum octane requirement and the require- ments described below may be used in your vehicle without jeopardizing the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Gasoline Containing MTBE

Unleaded gasoline containing MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) may be used in your vehicle if the MTBE content is not greater than 15%. This oxygenated fuel does not contain alcohol.

Gasoline/Ethanol blends

Blends of unleaded gasoline and ethanol (grain alcohol), also known as gasohol, may be used in your vehicle if the ethanol content is not greater than 10%.

Gasoline/Methanol blends

Fuels containing 5% or less methanol (wood alcohol) may be suitable for use in your vehicle if they contain cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors. Do NOT USE fuels containing more than 5% methanol under any circumstances. Fuel system damage or vehicle performance problems resulting from the use of such fuels are not the responsibility of SUZUKI and may not be covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Fuel Pump Labeling

In some states, pumps that dispense oxy- genated fuels are required to be labeled for the type and percentage of oxygenate and whether important additives are present. Such labels may provide enough informa- tion for you to determine if a particular blend of fuel meets the requirements listed above. In other areas, pumps may not be clearly labeled as to the content or type of oxygenate and additives. If you are not sure that the fuel you intend to use meets these requirements, check with the service station operator or the fuel supplier.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara 99011-66J22-03E User Manual

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