Hunter X-CORE User Manual

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Installation of the X-Core should only be done by trained personnel.

  1. Route valve wires between the control valve location and controller.
  2. At valves, attach a common wire to either solenoid wire on all valves. This is most commonly a white colored wire. Attach a separate control wire to the remaining wire of each valve. All wire connections should be done using waterproof connectors.
  3. Route the valve wires through the conduit. Attach the conduit through the bottom right side of the controller.
  4. Secure the white valve common wire to the C (Common) screw on the terminal strip. Attach each of the individual valve control wires to the appropriate station terminals and tighten their screws.
  5. Indoor Models: route the transformer cable through the hole on the left side of the controller and connect the wires to the two screws marked 24VAC. Outdoor Models: transformer wires are already connected to the AC terminals so all that is required is to connect primary power to the junction box (see below).

Wiring Hunter X-CORE

High Voltage Wiring (Outdoor Model only)

  1. Route AC power cable and conduit through the ½" (13 mm) conduit opening on the left side bottom of the cabinet.
  2. Connect one wire to each of the two wires inside the junction box. The ground wire should be connected to the green wire. Wire nuts are provided to make these connections. Note: For –E models only: Connect the wires to the AC terminal block inside the junction box. AC supply wires must be 14 AWG (1.85 mm) or larger with appropriate circuit breaker for the wire size. A switch or circuit-breaker shall be included in the building installation (in close proximity to the controller, within easy reach of the operator) and marked as the disconnecting device for the equipment.
  3. Replace the junction box cover.

Hunter X-CORE Owner’s Manual and Programming Instructions
Compatible with Hunter Remotes and Solar Sync

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Hunter X-CORE User Manual

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