Hunter 44100B Owner's Manual

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Owners Manual Model 44100B

Your new Climate Technology thermostat will provide years of reliable service.  Using this digital thermostat will provide more uniform comfort in your home through the seasons. Thank you for buying a Cli- mate Technology product!
Please read this manual for complete instructions on installing and operating your thermostat. If you require further assistance, call Cli- mate Technology Technical Support at 1-800-676-7861 from 8am to 5pm Central Time.


We are pleased you have selected one of our broad line of home comfort products. Our products are manufactured to high quality standards and are designed for years of service. We hope you will be satisfied and thank you for buying a Hunter product.

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Title : Hunter 44100B Owner's Manual
Format : PDF
Pages : 2 Pages
Language : English
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Hunter 44100B Owner's Manual

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