Hunter Thermostat 44360 User's Manual

Hunter Thermostat 44360 User's Manual

Table of Contents Hunter Thermostat 44360

Read This Before Installing Thermostat    5
Features    7

What You Need    8
Remove Old Thermostat    8
Wire Labeling    9
Mount Wallplate and Thermostat    11
Connect Wires and Mount Thermostat Cover to Wall Plate    12
Selector Switches    13

Setting Time and Day    14
Default Programs    16
Personal Program Schedule    17
Manual Programming    18
Weekday / Weekend Programming    19
7- Day Programming    21
Reviewing Programs    22
Reviewing the Current Temperature Setting    23

System Selector Switch    24
Fan Switch    24
Temporary Manual Override    25
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Read This Before Installing Thermostat

Read the entire installation section of this Owner’s Manual thoroughly before you begin to install or operate your Hunter Thermostat.
Remove the mylar label from the display window.

2. INSTALLATION Hunter 44360
All installation is normally performed at your thermostat.

3. PROGRAMMING Hunter 44360
You can practice programming before installing your thermostat by inserting and connecting the batteries and following the instructions on page 14. This can be done while you relax in your favorite chair and is a very good way to familiarize yourself with all the functions of your Hunter Thermostat.

4. OPERATION Hunter 44360
Your Hunter Thermostat is designed to operate with most gas, oil, electric or 2-wire hot water heating, and air conditioning systems that have 24-volt or millivolt control. This Hunter Thermostat will not control multistage heating or cooling systems, 110/220 V systems, or 3 wire zone systems.

The thermostat provides a 4-minute delay after shutting off the compressor before it can be restarted. This feature will prevent damage to your air conditioner compressor caused by rapid cycling. It does not provide a delay when there are power outages.

Your thermostat can be programmed between 40°F and 95°F (5°C and 35°C). However, it will display room temperatures from 32°F to 99°F (0°C to 37°C).

7. POWER FAILURE Hunter 44360
Whenever the main power is interrupted or fails, the battery power retains the programs and current time.

Mount Wallplate and Thermostat

  • Remove the wallplate from your thermostat by pressing the release tab on the bottom of the thermostat. (See Figure 2.)
  • Position wallplate on wall and pull existing wires through large opening. Then level for appearance. Mark holes for plastic anchors provided if your existing holes do not line up with those on the Hunter wallplate.
  • Drill holes with 3/16” bit and gently tap anchors into the holes until flush with wall.
  • Reposition wallplate to wall, pulling wires through large opening. Insert mounting screws provided into wall anchor and tighten. (See Figure 3.)

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