Emerson 1F86-344 Instruction Manual

Emerson 1F86-344 Instruction Manual

Your new White-Rodgers Digital Thermostat uses the technology of a solid-state microcomputer to provide precise temperature control.

Emerson 1F86-344 Features

  • Simultaneous heat and cool setpoint storage
  • Pre-set temperature control
  • Backlit display
  • LCD continuously displays setpoint and room temperature
  • °F/°C convertibility
  • Temperature range 45° to 90°F
  • RC, RH, C, W, Y, G , O and B terminals
  • Optional C terminal (Dual Power option)
  • B and O terminals for single stage heat pumps (no auxiliary heat) or damper operation
  • Setpoint storage in case of power loss
  • 2 "AA" alkaline batteries included

This thermostat is intended for use with a low voltage system; do not use this thermostat with a line voltage system. If in doubt about whether your wiring is millivolt, line, or low voltage, have it inspected by a qualified heating and air conditioning contractoror electrician.Do not exceed the specification ratings.All wiring must conform to local and national electrical codesand ordinances.

This control is a precision instrument, and should be handledcarefully. Rough handling or distorting components could cause the control to malfunction.

Emerson 1F86-344 ELECTRICAL DATA

Electrical Rating:
8 to 30 VAC 50/60 Hz. or D.C.
0.05 to 1.0 Amps (Load per terminal)
1.5 Amps Maximum Total Load (All terminals combined)

Emerson 1F86-344 THERMAL DATA

Setpoint Temperature Range:
45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range:
32°F to 105°F
Operating Humidity Range:
0 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Shipping Temperature Range:
-4°F to 150°F

Emerson 1F86-344 APPLICATIONS

For use with:

  • Standard heat/cool or heat only systems
  • Electric heat systems
  • Gas or oil fired systems
  • Gas systems with intermittent ignition devices (I.I.D.) and/or vent dampers
  • Hydronic (hot water or steam) systems
  • Single-stage heat pump systems (no auxiliary heat)
  • Millivolt systems


  • Multi-stage systems
  • Systems exceeding 30 VAC and 1.5 amps
  • 3-wire zoned hydronic heating systems

Emerson 1F86-344 INSTALLATION


  1. Shut off electricity at the main fuse box until installation iscomplete. Ensure that electrical power is disconnected.
  2. Remove the front cover of the old thermostat. With wires still attached, remove wall plate from the wall. If the old thermostat has a wall mounting plate, remove the thermostat and the wall mounting plate as an assembly.
  3. Identify each wire attached to the old thermostat using the labels enclosed with the new thermostat.
  4. Disconnect the wires from old thermostat one at a time. DO NOT LET WIRES FALL BACK INTO THE WALL.
  5. Install new thermostat using the following procedures.


This thermostat is configured from the factory to operate a heat/cool, fossil fuel (gas, oil, etc.), forced air system. It is configured correctly for any system that DOES NOT require the thermostat to energize the fan on a call for heat. If your system is an electric heat or heat-pump system that REQUIRES the thermostat to turn on the fan on a call for heat, locate the GAS/ELECTRIC switch on the back of the thermostat (see fig. 1) and switch it to the ELECTRIC position. This will allow the thermostat to energize the fan immediately on a call for heat. If you are unsure if the heating/cooling system requires the thermostat to control the fan, contact a qualified heating and air conditioning service person.


  1. Remove the packing material from the thermostat. Gently pull the cover straight off the base. Forcing or prying on the thermostat will cause damage to the unit. If necessary, move the electric heat switch (see ELECTRIC HEAT SYSTEMS, above).
  2. Connect wires beneath terminal screws on base using appropriatewiring schematic (see figs. 2 through 7).
  3. Place base over hole in wall and mark mounting hole locationson wall using base as a template.
  4. Move base out of the way. Drill mounting holes.
  5. Fasten base loosely to wall, as shown in fig. 1, using twomounting screws. Place a level against bottom of base, adjust until level, and then tighten screws. (Leveling is for appearance only and will not affect thermostat operation.) If you are using existing mounting holes, or if holes drilled are too large and do not allow you to tighten base snugly, use plastic screw anchors to secure subbase.
  6. Push excess wire into wall and plug hole with a fire-resistant material (such as fiberglass insulation) to prevent drafts from affecting thermostat operation.


2 "AA" alkaline batteries are included in the thermostat at the factory with a battery tag to prevent power drainage. You mustremove the battery tag to engage the batteries. If "LO BATTERY" is displayed, the batteries are low and should be replaced. For best results, replace all batteries with new premiumbrand alkaline batteries such as Duracell® or Energizer®. To replace batteries, install the batteries along the top of the base (see Fig. 1). The batteries must be installed with the positive(+) end to the left.


This thermostat is set to operate properly with a forced-air heating system. If you have a hydronic heating system (a system that heats with hot water or steam), you must set the thermostat to operate properly with your system. Change the second option in the configuration menu to SL (see CONFIGURATION MENU, page 4).


If at any time during testing your system does not operate properly, contact a qualified service person. Turn on power to the system. Fan Operation If your systemdoes not have a G terminal connection, skip to Heating System.

  1. Move FAN switch to ON position. The blower should begin to operate.
  2. Move FAN switch to AUTO position. The blower should stopimmediately. 

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Emerson 1F86-344 Instruction Manual

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