SENSI TOUCH SMART 1F95U-42WF series, ST75 series, NH-AWIFI, OH-AWIFI THERMOSTAT Installation guide


You Will Need

Gather this information before you begin installation for a smoother walk through.

  • Wi-Fi Network Name/SSID Make sure this is a 2.4GHz network.
  • Wi-Fi Network Password
  • Screwdriver
  • Hardware in Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat packaging

Download the Sensi app

The Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device. To install and configure your thermostat correctly, you must use the Sensi app. To start the installation process, download the Sensi app to your smart phone or tablet. It is a free download. The Sensi app requires the following Operating System (OS) software to download: Android (Google Play) version 5.0 or later iOS (Apple) version 10.0 or later

*Note that in the iOS store, the Sensi App will ONLY appear on an “iPhone only” search. On an iPad, change the search criteria in the App Store.

Create an account

When you download the Sensi app, you will be prompted to create an account. This is required to access your thermostat remotely and use all the features Sensi offers. Use a valid email address and a password of your choosing to create an account. Remember this email address and password. Your Sensi thermostat will be linked to this email address once it is registered.

*Note that the “Install a device” option is only for installing to HomeKit only. You will lose available features without creating an account.

Sensi Create An Account



Once you have downloaded the Sensi app, and have created an account, you are ready to install the thermostat to your wall and connect it to Wi-Fi. If no thermostats are registered yet, tap the plus (+) sign to add a thermostat. First, choose which thermostat you purchased. The Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat option is for the following model numbers:

  • 1F95U-42WF series
  • ST75 series

Note: You can check your model number on the back of the thermostat faceplate.

Install Path

After creating an account, signing in and choosing your model, the app will ask you whether or not the thermostat is already on the wall. You will either choose “No, it needs to be installed,” or “Yes, it is on the wall.” The first option will walk through the entire installation process. If you did not have this thermostat professionally installed, choose this option. The second option is for connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi only. If you have had a professional install your thermostat, and you just need to connect the Sensi thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network, choose this option.

No, it needs to be installed.

This option will walk you through the entire installation process, including identifying and connecting your wiring, as well as connecting to Wi-Fi. The Sensi app will walk through a step-by-step process for installation.

Gather Tools and Package Contents

Gather all the necessary tools for installation.

Readmore and Download SENSI TOUCH SMART 1F95U-42WF series, ST75 series, NH-AWIFI, OH-AWIFI THERMOSTAT Installation guide

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