Emerson White Rodger TYPE 152 Manual

White Rodger TYPE 152 Room Thermostats Heating Service, Internal Dial INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

These room thermostats are especially designed for controlling heating equipment operating on line voltage with heavy electrical loads. They are suitable for operation of unit heaters, boilers, furnaces, electric heaters, etc., or any similar application requiring a heavy duty room thermostat. These thermostats are ideal for use in public places where it is desirable to have a tamper-proof control to prevent unauthorized temperature adjustment. The dial is inside the special locked case which requires use of a special wrench to remove case from mounting plate to change temperature setting.

White Rodger TYPE 152 Installation

The proper location of a heavy duty room thermostat is very important to assure good performance. The following general rules will help in determining the proper location:

  1. Make sure that it is in a place where air circulates around it freely. This is important.
  2. Never install it on or near an outside wall.
  3. Keep it away from windows or doors.
  4. Don’t locate it too close to a strong light or any other false source of heat such as direct sunlight, steam lines, etc.
  5. Mount it on a post or a partitioning wall, but make sure that there are no pipes or duct work in that wall or directly behind it.
  6. If the electrical conduit leads into a cooler or a warmer room, plug up the space around the wires in the conduit with rock wool.

White Rodger TYPE 152 Installation

If the thermostat is used with unit heaters, the following suggestions may help. (See Fig. 2).

  1. Position “A” is good if it is sufficiently close to the unit heater so that the return air to the heater flows over the thermostat.
  2. Position “B” is good if it is not necessary to make frequent adjustments of the dial setting.
  3. Position “C” is all right if it is sufficiently far from the heater that air flowing over the thermostat is not much above the average room temperature.
  4. In general, position “D” is not advisable because the post may prevent air from circulating over the thermostat.

White Rodger TYPE 152 Installation2

White Rodger TYPE 152 Wiring Diagram

All wiring should be done in accordance with local and national electrical codes and ordinances.
Diagram showing a single room thermostat controlling several steam or hot water unit heaters. Any number of unit heaters can be operated from one thermostat provided that the sum of the motor locked rotor currents or the sum of the full load currents does not exceed the electrical rating of the thermostat. The Type 11B09 Reverse-acting Surface Hot Water Control is used to prevent operation of the fans when the steam is off or when the water temperature is too low for proper heating.

White Rodger TYPE 152 Wiring Diagram

The diagram below shows a heavy duty line voltage room thermostat controlling an electric heater.

White Rodger TYPE 152 Wiring Diagram2

Locked Case - Concealed Dial:
This feature is for the purpose of preventing tampering and unauthorized adjustments. A special wrench is provided to remove case for temperature adjustment.

Locked Case - Concealed Dial

Locked Case - Concealed Dial:
On a fixed differential heating thermostat, turn the dial so that the fixed indicator points to the temperature at which it is desired to have the contacts open, thus turning off the heat.
The contacts will then close at a temperature lower than the dial setting, by the amount of the differential.

Locked Case - Concealed Dial2

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