Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 installation instructions

Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 installation instructions

Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 SPECIFICATIONS

Switch Rating.............24 VAC (30 VAC max.)
Heating.......................0.15 to 1.2 Amps
Anticipator Rating:
Heating.......................Adjustable from 0.15 to 1.2 Amps
Temperature Range....50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C)
Operating Humidity Range.......0 – 90% noncondensing




Standard Heat Only Systems



Electric Furnace

Heat Pump (No Aux or Emergency Heat)

Gas or Oil Heat

Millivolt Heat Only Systems

Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 Troubleshooting


Possible Cause

Corrective Action            

No Heat/ No Fan

1. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.     

Replace fuse or reset breaker.

(common problems)

2. Furnace power switch to OFF.

Turn switch to ON.                


3. Furnace blower compartment door or 

Replace door panel in proper position to engage


       panel loose or not properly installed.

safety interlock or door switch. 

No Heat

1. Pilot light not lit.                               

Re-light pilot.        


2. Broken or melted anticipator wire.

Excessive current or dead short in system. Have a qualifi ed service person check the system


3. Loose connection to thermostat

before replacing thermostat. 


       or system. 

Verify thermostat and system wires are securely attached.


4. Thermostat or heating system requires

Your furnace manufacturer or service person can describe how to test the heating system to


       replacement or service. 

verify it is operating correctly. If the heating system is capable of operation and the no heat



5. System Switch not set to Heat.


condition persists, replace the thermostat.

Set System Switch to Heat and raise temp above room temp.

Intermittent Heat



1. Furnace Lock-Out Condition



Many furnaces have safety devices that shut the system down when a lock-out condition occurs.

If the heat works intermittently contact the furnace manufacturer or local service person for  assistance.                                                               

Heat or Fan Runs

1. Possible short in wiring.

Check each wire connection to the thermostat to verify it is neatly looped under the terminals.



  1. Possible short in thermostat.
  2. Possible short in heat/cool/fan system.

   No extra wire should stick out from under the terminals.

Furnace Cycles Too Fast  

See Step 5, Adjusting the Anticipator.

The anticipation setting is the only adjustment that effects the heating cycle rate. If an accept-

or Too Slow Narrow or  


able cycle rate is not achieved using the anticipator contact a local service person for addi-

wide temperature swing




tional suggestions. The location of the thermostat, size of the Heat/Cool System and current  draw can infl uence the cycle rate.

Thermostat Setting and  

1. Thermostat thermometer setting 

The thermometer can be adjusted by using a standard slotted screwdriver. Turn the thermom-

Thermostat Thermometer

       requires adjustment. 

eter pointer screw located inside the front cover to change the setting. For calibrating the 



2. Thermostat setting lever requires                calibration.

setting lever contact a local heating and cooling service person.                  

Adjusting Thermometer 

1. Thermostat thermometer disagrees 

The thermometer on the thermostat is accurately calibrated at our factory but you can adjust it



       with other room thermometers.


by using a standard slotted screwdriver. Turn the thermometer pointer screw located inside the front cover to change the setting.

Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 MOUNTING AND WIRING 

  1. Remove base from subbase or wallplate: Loosen the screws on the base and remove.
  2. Mount switching subbase or wallplate: Use the screws provided to mount the subbase or wallplate to wall (see Fig. 1).
  3. Attach wires to appropriate terminals: Two wire systems (Heat Only). Attach one wire to RH and one to wire W.
  4. Mount Thermostat Base: Gently push excess wire back into the wall opening and plug hole with a fi re-resistant material, such as fi berglass insulation to prevent drafts from affecting thermostat operation. Mount the thermostat base to the subbase or wallplate using the three captive screws on the thermostat base. (See Fig. 1) Tighten the screws securely. Proceed to Step #5.

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Emerson White Rodgers 1E30N-910 installation instructions

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