Emerson White Rodgers Blue Easy Set 2H/1C Manual

Non-Programmable Thermostat with 3 Temperature Pre-Sets Home, Sleep and Away Installation Instructions and User Guide

Congratulations on choosing the Emerson Blue Easy Set Thermostat. The Easy Set is designed to be the easiest thermostat you have ever used. This thermostat features Home, Sleep, and Away temperature pre-sets. Just press the button and go. Included with the easy set is the same temperature accuracy and reliability you expect from all the Emerson Blue thermostats.

This thermostat is intended for use with a low voltage NEC Class II system. Do not use this thermostat with a line voltage system. If in doubt about whether your wiring is millivolt, line, or low voltage, have it inspected by a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor or electrician. Do not exceed the specification ratings. All wiring must conform to local and national electrical codes and ordinances. This control is a precision instrument, and should be handled carefully. Rough handling or distorting components could cause the control to malfunction.

Before you begin using your thermostat, you should be familiar with its features and with the display and the location and operation of the thermostat buttons and switches.

White Rodgers Blue Easy Set  2H/1C Specifications

Battery Power or Hardwire .................20 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz or DC

Terminal Load...................................1.5 A per terminal, 2.5 A maximum all terminals combined

Setpoint Range................................. 45° to 90°F (7° to 32°C)

Differential Fast Slow Heat Pump .......1.2°F 1.7°F

Aux./Emer Heat .................................8°F 1.2°F

Operating Ambient............................. 32° to +105°F (0° to +41°C)

Operating Humidity............................ 90% non-condensing max.

Shipping Temperature Range.............. -40° to +150°F (-40° to +65°C)

Dimensions Thermostat..................... 3-3/4” H x 4-3/4” W x 1-1/2” D

Emerson White Rodgers Blue Easy Set  2H/1C Preview

Emerson White Rodgers Blue Easy Set  2H-1C Preview

The Thermostat Buttons and Switches

  1. Raises temperature setting.
  2. Lowers temperature setting.
  3. Easy Temperature pre-sets (Home, Sleep, Away).
  4. SYSTEM switch (COOL, OFF, HEAT, EMER).
  5. FAN switch (ON, AUTO). The Display
  6. Indicates desired temperature. This is blank when system switch is in the OFF position. Desired temperature is displayed (flashing) if the thermostat is in lockout mode.
  7. “Save” indicates the Cool Savings feature is enabled in the configuration menu. “Save” flashing indicates Cool Savings feature is operating and saving energy. “Save” will also flash for 3 seconds after changing the temperature to indicate that a pre-set can be saved.
  8. Indicates system mode. Heat icon is displayed when the SYSTEM switch is in the HEAT position. Heat icon( ) is displayed flashing when thermostat is calling for heat. Cool icon is displayed when the SYSTEM switch is in the COOL position. Cool icon is displayed (flashing) if the thermostat is calling for cool.
  9. Displays current temperature.
  10. Home”, “Sleep”, “Away” indicates the easy temperature pre-set is enabled.
  11. Change Filter” is displayed when the system has run for the programmed filter time period as a reminder to change or clean your air filter.
  12. Service” indicates a diagnostic fault in the heating/cooling system. It does not indicate a fault in the thermostat.
  13. Battery ” indicates power level of batteries. “Change ” indicates batteries should be replaced.
  14. AUX” indicates auxiliary stage is operating.
  15. EMER” is displayed flashing when the system switch is in EMER position.

Home, Sleep and Away Temperature Pre-Sets

You can set your (Home, Sleep, Away) temperatures for use when you get home, go to sleep, or leave home. Then, just press the button you want and go. Favorite Temperatures are set at the factory as indicated in the following table. You can use pre-sets or change to different temperature pre-sets.

Factory Pre-set Temperatures  





70o F

75o F


62o F

78o F


62o F

83o F



Change Home, Sleep and Away Temperature Pre-sets

  1. Move SYSTEM switch to HEAT position.
  2. Using the UP or Down button, set the desired temperature.
  3. Press and hold the Home, Sleep, or Away button for 3 seconds. The display will go blank (except for the battery icon and heat/cool icon) and back on again indicating that the thermostat has saved your pre-set.
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining Pre-sets to be changed.
  5. Move SYSTEM switch to COOL to Pre-set Temperatures for cooling.

Use Home, Sleep and Away Temperature Pre-Sets

  1. Press the Home, Sleep, or Away button. The display will show the icon for the button pressed and display the temperature setting.
  2. The thermostat will maintain the selected pre-set temperature until you change it by pressing the UP or Down button or selecting another Pre-set Temperature.

Sleep Timer Option

The sleep timer will automatically change the thermostat from the Sleep to Home temperature after the number of hours set in the configuration menu. The Sleep timer default is 8 hours and can be changed to a setting between 1 to 12 hours. Example: You have selected 8 hours for the Sleep timer in the configuration menu. Press the Sleep button, the thermostat will maintain the sleep temperature for 8 hours. After 8 hours the thermostat will go back to the Home temperature. The Sleep timer will be activated each time the sleep button is pressed.  

Change Filter Reminder Option

The thermostat can display a reminder when it is time to change the air filter on your heating and cooling system. The Change Filter will automatically display after the number of hours set in the configuration menu. The change filter reminder time default is 200 hours and can be changed to a setting of 25 to 1975 hours; 200 hours is approximately 3 months. Example: You have selected 250 hours for the change filter reminder. The thermostat will display change filter after 250 it has counted down 250 hours. When “Change Filter” is displayed, press the or button to clear the display and restart the timer

Cool Savings™ Option With Cool

Savings enabled, the thermostat will make small adjustments to the desired temperature during periods of high demand to reduce cooling system running time and save energy. When the cooling system has been running for more than 20 minutes, humidity in the home will be lower and a higher temperature will feel comfortable. After 20 minutes of run time, the thermostat will start increasing the desired temperature in steps of less than one degree as the system continues to run. These adjustments will eventually cause the system to satisfy the thermostat and turn the system off to reduce the energy consumption. When the Cool Savings feature is active and making adjustments, the display will flash “Save”. The amount of adjustments to the desired temperature is dependent on the Cool Savings value that is set, 1 being the least adjustment and 6 being the most adjustment. With this feature set to OFF, no change will occur when the cooling system is continuously running during the periods of high demand. Periods of high demand will normally occur during the late afternoon and early evening on the hottest days of the summer.

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