Epson Color Inkjet L120 Service Manual

About Epson Color Inkjet L120 Service Manual

Epson Color Inkjet L120 Service Manual, consists of the following chapters, is intended for repair service personnel and includes information necessary for properly performing maintenance and servicing the product.

Safety Precautions

All safety procedures described here shall be strictly adhered to by all parties servicing and maintaining this product.


Strictly observe the following cautions. Failure to comply could result in serious bodily injury or loss of life.

  1. Always disconnect the product from the power source and peripheral devices when servicing the product or performing maintenance.
  2. When performing works described in this manual, do not connect to a power source until instructed to do so. Connecting to a power source causes high voltage in the power supply unit and some electronic components even if the product power switch is off. If you need to perform the work with the power cable connected to a power source, use extreme caution to avoid electrical shock.


Strictly observe the following cautions. Failure to comply may lead to personal injury or loss of life.

  1. Always wear protective goggles for disassembly and reassembly to protect your eyes from ink in working. If any ink gets in your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
  2. When using compressed air products; such as air duster, for cleaning during repair and maintenance, the use of such products containing flammable gas is prohibited.


Strictly observe the following cautions. Failure to comply may lead to personal injury or damage of the product.

  1. Repairs on Epson product should be performed only by an Epson certified repair technician.
  2. No work should be performed on this product by persons unfamiliar with basic safety knowledge required for electrician.
  3. The power rating of this product is indicated on the serial number/rating plate. Never connect this product to the power source whose voltages is different from the rated voltage.
  4. Replace malfunctioning components only with those components provided or approved by Epson; introduction of second-source ICs or other non-approved components may damage the product and void any applicable Epson warranty.
  5. The capacitors on the Main Board may be electrically charged right after the power turns off or after driving motors which generates counter electromotive force such as when rotating the PF Roller or when moving the CR Unit. There is a risk to damage the Main Board if the Head FFC is short-circuited with the capacitors on the Main Board electrically charged, therefore, after the power turns off or after motors are driven, leave the printer untouched for approximately 30 seconds to discharge the capacitors before starting disassembly/ reassembly.
  6. To prevent the circuit boards from short-circuiting, be careful about the following when handling FFC or cables
    • When handling FFC, take care not to let the terminal section of FFC touch metal parts.
    • When connecting cables/FFC to the connectors on circuit boards, connect them straight to the connectors to avoid slant insertion.
  7. In order to protect sensitive microprocessors and circuitry, use static discharge equipment, such as anti-static wrist straps, when accessing internal components.
  8. Do not tilt this product immediately after initial ink charge, especially after performing the ink charge several times. Doing so may cause ink to leak from the product because it may take some time for the waste ink pads to completely absorb ink wasted due to the ink charge.
  9. Never touch the ink or wasted ink with bare hands. If ink comes into contact with your skin, wash it off with soap and water immediately. If you have a skin irritation, consult a doctor immediately.
  10. When disassembling or assembling this product, make sure to wear gloves to avoid injuries from metal parts with sharp edges.
  11. Use only recommended tools for disassembling, assembling or adjusting the printer.
  12. Observe the specified torque when tightening screws.
  13. Be extremely careful not to scratch or contaminate the following parts.
    • Nozzle plate of the Printhead
    • CR Scale
    • PF Scale
    • Coated surface of the PF Roller
    • Gears
    • Rollers
    • LCD
    • Scanner Sensor
    • Exterior parts
  14. Never use oil or grease other than those specified in this manual. Use of different types of oil or grease may damage the component or give bad influence on the printer function.
  15. Apply the specified amount of grease described in this manual.
  16. Make the specified adjustments when you disassemble the printer.
  17. When cleaning this product, follow the procedure described in this manual.
  18. When transporting this product after filling the ink in the printhead, pack the printer without removing the ink cartridges in order to prevent the printhead from drying out.
  19. Make sure to install antivirus software in the computers used for the service support activities.
  20. Keep the virus pattern file of antivirus software up-to-date.
  21. When disassembling/reassembling this product, if you find adhesive power of the double-sided tape which secure the parts or FFC is not enough, replace the tape with new one and attach it correctly to the specified points where the parts or FFC should be secured.
  22. Unless otherwise specified in this manual, the labels attached on the returned product should be transferred to the corresponding attachment positions on the new one referring to the labels on the returned product.

Table Of Content


Describes the step-by-step procedures for the troubleshooting.


Describes the disassembly/reassembly procedures for main parts/units of the product, and provides the standard operation time for servicing the product.


Describes the required adjustments for servicing the product.


Describes maintenance items and procedures for servicing the product.


Provides the following additional information for reference:

  • Connector Diagram
  • Protection for Transportation

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