Epson EPL-N2700 Service Manual

About Epson EPL-N2700 Service Manual

Safety Information

To prevent accidents during a maintenance procedure, strictly observe the Warnings and Cautions. Do not do anything that is dangerous or not within
the scope of this Epson EPL-N2700 Service Manual PDF.

Do not do anything that is dangerous even if not specifically described in this manual. In addition to the descriptions below and those given in this manual, there are many situations and circumstances that are dangerous. Be aware of these when you are working with the printer.

Power Supply and Other Electrical Devices

Before starting any service procedure, switch off the printer power and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. If you must service the printer when the power is applied, be aware of the potential for electrical shock and do all tasks by following the procedures in this Epson EPL-N2700 Service Manual.

Mechanical Components

If you service gear or roll, manually rotate a drive assembly. Never hand-rotate or stop the drive assembly while the main motor is rotating.

Epson EPL-N2700 Overview

The EPL-N2700 is a business-oriented page printer making the most use of the laser diode and the electrical photo technology. The main feature of the printer are as follows:


  • High-speed, highly reliable A3 Engine (Maximum duty cycle is  100,000 sheets per month).
  • Resolution is 600 dpi, with a printing speed of 27 ppm when feeding A4 from Cassette 1. (26 ppm for Letter)
  • Standard paper capacity is 750 sheets, 250 in the MP tray and 500 in the Cassette 1.
  • Holds optional cassettes to increased paper loading capacity:
    • One Lower Cassette (500 sheets) + Large Capacity Paper Cassette (2500 sheets for A4 of Letter)
    • Up to three Lower Cassettes
  • Wide variety of options
    • Duplex unit
    • 5-bin Multibin unit
    • 10-bin Multibin unit.


  • A new CPU (166MHz, VR4310) used for a high-speed controller
  • Use of SDRAM DIMM for an optional RAM will expand the standard 16-MB memory up to 256 MB.
  • Three types of standard interface
    • IEEE l284 based parallel interface (supports ECP)
    • RS-232C serial interface
    • Ethernet Interface (100/10Base-TX)
  • One slot for Type B interface card
  • Supports Enhanced MicroGray


  • Supported EmulationESC/Page *1
    • PCL5e
    • ESC/P2
    • FX
    • 1239X
    • EPSON GL2
    • PostScript 3 (Optional item provided on a ROM DIMM board)
    • Rewriting the Flash DIMM
  • Flash ROM in Slot A and program slot can be rewritten.

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