Epson LQ-200 Service Manual

Epson LQ-200 Service Manual

Epson LQ-200 Service Manual Table of Content

Chapter 1 General Description

Hardware Specifications
Firmware Specifications (ESCYP)
Parallel Interface
DIP Switches and Jumpers
DIP Switches
Operating Instructions
Self Test
Hexadecimal Dump  Function
Bit Image Printing
Error Conditions
Buzzer Operation
Printer Initialization
Default  Values
Head Adjust Lever
Printhead Protection During Heavy Duty Printing
Main Components
Control Panel PCB
Model 5ClO Printer Mechanism

Chapter 2 Principles of Operation

Connector Summary
Overview of Printer Mechanism Operation
Circuit Overview
Firmware Overview
Principles of Operation
Power Supply Circuit
Reset Circuit
Address Decoder and Bank Register
Carriage Operation
Paper Feeding
A/D Converter Circuit
Host Interface
Ribbon Feed Mechanism

Chapter 3 Disassembly and Assembly

General Repair Information
Small Parts    
Service Checklist
Disassembly and Assembly
Removing the Printhead
Removing the Case
Removing the Circuit Boards.
Removing the Printer Mechanism
Disassembling the Printer Mechanism

Chapter 4 Adjustment

Adjustment Overview    
Adjusting the Platen Gap
Adjusting the Bidirectional Printing Alignment
VRl and VR2 Specifications
Adjustment Procedures

Chapter 5 Troubleshooting

Procedure for Troubleshooting the Printer
Unit Replacement
Repair of the Main Board
Repair of the Printer Mechanism

Chapter 6 Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance
Lubrication and Adhesive Application
Connector Summary
Circuit Board Component Layout
Exploded Diagrams
Case Outline Drawings

Epson LQ-200 Features

The Epson® LQ-200/ActionPrinterTM 3000 (AP3000) is a small, light-weight, low- cost printer similar to the LQ-500. The printer’s main features are:

  • Epson ESC/P® code printing, implemented as a standard feature
  • These printing speeds:
    • 192 cps (draft, 12 cpi)
    • 160 cps (draft, 10 cpi)
    • 64 cps (letter quality, 12 cpi)
    • 53 cps (letter quality, 10 cpi)
  • Clear, easy-to-read printing with standard Epson fonts
  • Seven built-in letter quality (LQ) fonts (Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, OCR-B, and Orator)
  • Direct built-in font selection using control panel buttons Automatic loading for single sheet paper
  • Two paper slots (rear and bottom)
  • Easy handling of single sheet paper with the optional cut sheet feeder (CSF) Standard Epson 8-bit parallel interface.

Epson LQ-200 Specifications

This section provides the specifications for the LQ-200/AP3000.

Hardware Specifications

Printing Method:    Serial, impact, dot matrix
Pin Configuration:    24 wires; 12 x 2 staggered, diameter 0.008 inches (0.2 mm)
Feeding Methods:    Friction feed, tractor feed
Line Spacing:    1/6 inch or programmable in units of 1/180 inch Paper Insertion    From rear or bottom
Paper Feed Speed:    100 ms/line at 1/6-inch line feed 2.2 inches per second, continuous feed
Paper Specifications See Tables 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4

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