EPSON EPL-N2050 Optional Units Service Manual

About EPSON EPL-N2050 Optional Units

This EPSON EPL-N2050 Optional Units Manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of EPL N2050 Optional

Units. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and close attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page. Chapters are organized as follows:

CHAPTER 1. Mulibin Unit
CHAPTER 2. Duplex Unit
CHAPTER 3. Shifter
CHAPTER 4. Envelope Feeder
CHAPTER 5. Large Capacity Paper Unit

Installation and Removal of Multibin Unit

EPSON EPL-N2050 Installation

  1. Switch off the printer’s power.
  2. Place one hand under the Multibin Unit Bins and the other hand on the Chute Rear handle.
  3. Position the Multibin Unit over the printer.
  4. Slide the positioning hook into the slot on the printer Cover Assy Top.
  5. Lower the rear of the Multibin Unit onto the Cover Assy Top, carefully lining up the P/J at the bottom rear of the Multibin Unit with the corresponding P/J in the open Cover Option hole.
  6. Press down on the rear of Multibin Unit until it snaps into place on the Cover Assy Top.
  7. Reconnect all AC power cords to the rear of the Multibin Unit.

EPSON EPL-N2050 Removal

  1. Make sure the printer is off. NOTE: Place a thick plate under the bottom plate of Multibin Unit to protect metallic hook and the Chute Lower and the P/J connector at the bottom of Multibin Unit.
  2. Disconnect all AC power cords from the rear of the Multibin Unit.
  3. Press the two latches that are located at the bottom-rear of the Multibin Unit while you lift up the rear of the Multibin Unit.
  4. Slide the positioning hook out of the Cover Assy Top and remove the Multibin Unit.

NOTE: Mount the Cover Option on the Cover Assy Top, if the Multibin Unit is removed from the printer for a long time.

EPSON EPL-N2050 Specifications

EPSON EPL-N2050 Features

  • The Multibin Unit is installed on top of the printer. This Unit is electrically connected to the printer by connectors, and when the printer is switched on, it can automatically detect if the Multibin Unit is installed, and each bin is full or not full, on condition that the switch of the Multibin Unit is on before the printer is turned on.
  • The Multibin Unit has independent drive and logic. The switching flap installed in the upper part of the printer switches the paper path between the printer output tray and the Multibin Unit.
  • Each bin can hold up to 45 sheets of paper, and the entire Unit can hold a total of 450 sheets (See Table 1-1 on the right).
  • Bins are drawer-type trays that are locked by solenoid and lock levers all the time. All ten bins can be unlocked by pressing the Multibin Open button.
  • Password to open each bin can be set. Once passwords are set for the bins, only the authenticated bin can be unlocked.

Basic Specification

  • Name = Multibin Unit
  • Paper Output Method Straight Output, Switching Flap
  • Installation Installed on top of the printer exit (desk top type installed by users)
  • Drive Method Built-in Motor Drive
  • Interface Transmit: Installation of the Unit, bin full, bin open/closed.
  • Receive: Signal to determine which bin paper should be output to.
  • Paper Type / Size Standard paper, normal paper (60-105g/m2: 16-28lb), special paper, and A4 or Letter (LT)

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