Epson ET-2710/L3150 User Manual (User Guide)

About Epson ET-2710/L3150 User Guide

This User's Guide provides explanations of important instructions for using the printer, part names and functions of printer parts, control panel (button functions, lights and printer status), network settings, printer setup, how to print, copy and scan, how to refill ink, Printer maintenance, network services and software information, and troubleshooting.

Contents of the Epson ET-2710 / L3150  User Manual

About this guide

  • Manual introduction
  • Use the guide to find information
  • signs and symbols
  • Description used in this manual
  • OS Link

Important instructions

  • Safety instructions
  • Printer tips and warnings
  • Protection of your personal data

Printer Basic

  • Part name and function
  • Switchboard
    • Buttons and functions
    • Printer status and lights

Network Settings

  • Network Connection Type
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Wi-Fi direct connection (simple AP).
  • Connecting to a computer
  • Connect to mobile device
  • Wi-Fi settings from the printer
  • Check network connection status
  • Print network status sheet
  • Replace or add a new wireless router
  • Change connection method with computer
  • Restore network settings via control panel

Set up the Printer

  • Load document
    • Place the original on the exposure glass
    • Upload multiple photos at once to scan
  • Energy saving


  • Print from the printer driver in Windows
  • Print from Mac OS printer driver
  • Printing from a mobile device (smart device)
  • Cancel current job


  • Copy basics
  • Make multiple copies


  • Scan from control panel
  • Scan from computer
  • Scan from mobile device

Refill With Ink

  • Check the ink level
  • Ink bottle code
  • Precautions when working with ink bottles
  • Refilling the ink tank

Printer Support

  • Check and clean the printhead
  • Continuous energetic cleansing
  • Align the printheads
  • Clean the paper path
  • Clean the scanner glass
  • Check the total number of pages fed from the printer

Information about network services and software

  • Web configuration app Configuration app
  • Application for scanning documents and images (Epson Scan 2)
  • Epson Event Manager Control Panel configuration application
  • Easy Epson Photo Printing
  • E-Web Print Application (Windows only)
  • Application to Scan and Transfer Images (Basic Photo Scan)
  • Epson Software Update
  • Configuration application for multiple devices (Epson Net Config)
  • Install the latest app
  • Update app
  • Uninstall the app
  • Print using network services

Epson ET-2710/L3150 Troubleshooting

  • Check printer status
    • Printer status and lights
    • Check printer status - Windows
    • Check printer status - Mac OS
  • Check software status
  • Clear the jammed paper
  • Paper does not feed properly
  • Power and control panel problems
  • Cannot print from computer
  • If you can't make network settings
  • Printing problem
    • Prints are scratched or missing colors
    • An unexpected ribbon or color appears
    • Colored stripes appear at a distance of 2.5 cm
    • Blurred print, vertical streaks, or misalignment
    • Poor print quality
    • The paper is smudged or scratched
    • Sticky printed photos
    • Image or photo printed in unexpected colors
    • Cannot print without margin
    • With borderless printing, the edges of the image are cut off
    • Incorrect position, size, or margins of the printout
    • Incorrect or distorted printed characters
    • Reverse printed image
    • Mosaic pattern in print
    • Uneven colors, spots, dots, or straight lines appear in the copied image
    • Moiré (crosshatch) appears in the copied image
    • A band appears on the copied image
    • The image behind the original appears in the copied image
    • The printing problem cannot be solved
  • Printing is too slow
  • Printing or copying slows down dramatically in continuous operation
  • Scan cannot be started
  • Problems with scanned images
  • Scanning is too slow
  • Scanning is drastically slowed down during continuous scanning
  • Scanning stops when scanning to PDF/Multi-TIFF
  • Slight electric shock when touching the printer
  • Noise at work is very loud
  • Application blocked by firewall (Windows only)
  • Spilled ink

If you want to read the user guide, you can click the button below. This user guide is copyrighted by Seiko Epson and the information contained herein is for use with this Epson product only. Epson is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein. Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or any third party for any damage, loss, expense or expense whatsoever incurred by the purchaser or any third party as a result of: accident, misuse or misuse of the product this product or any unauthorized use, modification, repair or alteration of this product or (except in the United States) strict adherence to the Seiko Epson Corporation operating and maintenance instructions.

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