Honeywell McDonald’s HEMS II Manual

Honeywell McDonald’s HEMS II Manual Overview

McDonald’s HEMS II Energy Management Control System & User Interface The McDonald’s HEMS II energy management and control system runs on a WEB -201™ (Java Application Control Engine). TheWEB -201 is a compact, embedded controller/server platform. It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform. The WEB -201 makes it possible to control and manage external devices over your local network or the Internet and present real-time information to users in web-based graphical views.

The HEMS II system is complete in a 36” X 24” X 4” stainless steel panel with a local touch screen operator interface display. All system set points and changes can be made from this local display. With internet access provided to the HEMS II, all information and set points are available remotely from any PC browser interface.

Honeywell McDonald’s HEMS II The system is designed to monitor and/or control the following items:

  1. (3) Roof Top Mounted HVAC Units.
  2. Freezer/Cooler Temperatures and associated Door Opened/Closed status.
  3. Outdoor air temperature.
  4. HVAC Unit Space Temperatures, Discharge Air (supply) Temperatures and Room Temperature Set Points.
  5. Electrical Demand and Electrical Consumption.
  6. Parking Lot Lights, Exterior Signage Lights, Customer (Dining Area) Lights.
  7. Employee/Kitchen Lights and Play Place Lights (if present).
  8. Outdoor Light Level from a Photocell.

Your installed system may have additional points of control or monitoring that are not covered or included in this document. Additional points could be:

  1. Drive through heater control.
  2. Kitchen equipment monitoring.
  3. Interface to your security system for status.
  4. Water heater control.
  5. Additional Roof Top Mounted HVAC/Units.
  6. Bulk CO2 levels near beverage and CO2 storage tanks.
  7. Or additional monitoring & control points that have been customized for your facility.

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Honeywell McDonald’s HEMS II Manual

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