Honeywell V8043A,E,F 5000 Series ZONE VALVES Manual

Honeywell V8043A,E,F 5000 Series ZONE VALVES Manual

Honeywell V8043A,E,F APPLICATION

These valves consist of a motorized actuator and valve assembly for controlling the flow of hot water to a heat exchanger such as a radiator, convector, finned baseboard radiator, or infloor radiant coil for space temperature control. The V8043 5000 series valves provide two-position, straight through control of supply water at up to 300 psi operating pressure. Quick Fit actuator provides easy snap on and off connection to the valve assembly.

Honeywell V8043A,E,F


Actuator Electrical Rating:
24Vac 60 Hz, 0.30 A Current Draw,
5 W, 7.2 VA maximum
Electrical Connection:
18” leads or screw terminal board
Auxiliary Switch Rating:
120V, 4.4A running, 26.4A Inrush (60 Hz);
50 VA Pilot duty at 24 V.
Fluid Temperature:
Standard models (class F motor):
200° F (93° C) Max.
Ambient Temperature:
125°F (52° C) Max.
Humidity Limits:
95% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing
Shipping and Storage Temperature:
-40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C).
Non-corrosive, non explosive.
Maximum Soldering Temperature:
500°F (260°C). Rubber ball plug must be moved away from the seat for soldering.
Maximum System Pressure Rating:
300 psi (2000 kPa), PN20.
Flow Characteristics:
Quick opening for on-off application. Slow return for water hammer resist.
Maximum Close-off Rating (@ Flow Capacity Rating) :
20 psi (@ 3.5 Cv)
8 psi (@ 8 Cv)
Actuator Materials:
Case:galvanized steel.
Cover : zinc plated steel.
Sector gear: Brass
Valve Material:
Body of forged brass; drive shaft stem of stainless steel; ball plug of Buna-N rubber; o-ring seals of EPDM rubber.
Service Medium:
Suitable for glycol/water mix up to 50:50 use in closed hydronic systems. Not for use with oxygenated water, potable water or steam. Use this valve in hydronic systems which do not contain dissolved oxygen in the system water. The dissolved oxygen, which is found in systems that have a frequent source of make-up water, causes the rubber plug inside the valve to deteriorate and eventually fail.
CSA C/US Certified to Canadian Standards
Association and Underwriter's Laboratories Standards.

Honeywell V8043A,E,F MODELS

V8043 (Straight through, Normally Closed)
V8043A: Leadwires
V8043E: Leadwires and End Switch
V8043F: Terminal Board and End Switch

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Honeywell V8043A,E,F 5000 Series ZONE VALVES Manual

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