Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES User Guide

About ADEMCO VISTA-20P / VISTA-20PSIA VISTA-15P / VISTA-15PSIA Security Systems

This Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES User Guide manual is a step-by-step guide that will acquaint you with the system's features and benefits. It defines the components and their functions, describes their operation, and provides clear step-by-step instructions for normal and emergency procedures. Keep this manual in a convenient place so that you can refer to it as necessary.

Congratulations on your ownership of a Honeywell Security System. You've made a wise decision in choosing it, for it represents the latest in security protection technology today. This system provides:

  • Three forms of protection: burglary, fire* and emergency
  • At least one keypad which provides control of system and displays system status
  • Various sensors for perimeter and interior burglary protection
  • Smoke or combustion detectors* designed to provide early warning in case of fire.

Your system may also have been programmed to automatically send alarm or status messages to a Central Monitoring Station.
* Commercial installations and some residential systems may not include fire protection – check with your installer.
NOTE: Features and procedures described in this manual apply to the VISTA-20P/VISTA-20PSIA (VISTA-20P series) and VISTA-15P/VISTA-15PSIA (VISTA-15P series) security systems. Differences are noted where applicable.

Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES System Basics

Burglary Protection

  • Several modes of burglary protection: Stay, Night-Stay, Away, Instant, Maximum.
    • STAY: arms perimeter zones only and entry delay is on
    • INSTANT: same as STAY, except entry delay is off
    • NIGHT-STAY: arms perimeter zones and selected interior zones; entry delay on
    • AWAY: arms perimeter and all interior zones, entry delay is on
    • MAXIMUM: same as AWAY, except entry delay is off
  • You can BYPASS selected zones while leaving the rest of the system armed.
  • CHIME mode alerts you to the opening of protected doors and windows while the system is disarmed.

Fire Protection and Carbon Monoxide Protection

  • Fire and carbon monoxide protection are always active (if installed) and an alarm sounds if a fire or carbon monoxide condition is detected.
  • If necessary, you can manually initiate a fire alarm using the keypad (if programmed).
  • Refer to the Fire Alarm System section for information regarding fire protection, carbon monoxide protection, smoke detectors and planning emergency exit routes.

Security Codes

  • You were assigned a 4-digit security code (master code) during installation.
  • Use your security code when arming and disarming the system, and when performing other system functions.
  • Other users can be assigned different security codes, each with different authority levels, which define the system functions a particular user can perform.

Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES System Overview (cont’d)

Zones and Partitions

  • The system sensing devices have been assigned to various “zones,” which are specific areas of protection (e.g., front door, kitchen window, etc.).
  • Zone numbers are displayed at the keypad when an alarm or trouble condition occurs on a sensor.
  • Partitions (VISTA-20P Series) provide two independent areas of protection, with each partition containing a group of zones that can be armed and disarmed without affecting other zones or users.
  • Partitioned systems (VISTA-20P Series) can include a common zone area, which is an area shared by users of both partitions (such as a lobby in a building).

Arming, Step-Arming and Disarming Burglary Protection

  • The system must be armed before the burglary protection can sense intrusions.
  • To arm your system, enter your security code followed by the desired arming key.
  • If programmed, you can press the [#] key in place of your security code when arming the system (e.g., instead of entering your 4-digit security code + [3-STAY] to arm the system in STAY mode, you can press [#] + [3-STAY]).
  • You can also use the step-arming feature if programmed, to arm the system. This is a function key that allows you to arm the system in one of three modes by simply pressing the key repeatedly.
  • To disarm the system, enter your security code then press the [OFF] key.


  • When an alarm occurs, the keypad sounds and displays the zone(s) causing the alarm. For most alarms, the external sounder also sounds.
  • If your system is connected to a Central Monitoring Station, an alarm message is also sent. (Delayed Reporting Note: Message reporting is delayed 30 seconds by default to reduce false alarms. If desired, this delay can be removed or can be increased to 45 seconds. See your installer if you want the delay time changed.)
  • To stop the alarm sounding, simply disarm the system.

Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES Memory of Alarm

  • When an alarm condition occurs, the keypad displays the number(s) of the zone(s) that caused the problem, and displays the type of alarm.
  • The message remains displayed even after disarming the system, but can be cleared with another “off” sequence.

Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES Phone Access

  • If included, a phone module permits you to access the system via a touch-tone phone, either on-premises or by call-in when away.
  • When you call in, the phone module announces system status over the telephone, and you can arm/disarm the system and perform most function commands remotely using the telephone keys.
  • Complete information for using these features is provided with the voice module.

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Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA SERIES User Guide