Honeywell 690313 Choronotherm III Owners Manual

Honeywell Choronotherm III Owner's manual

Choronotherm III Owner's manual Simple Four-Step Programming

Of course. you can use the schedule preprogrammed into your new thermostat (see Glossary, page 37). But its an easy matter to program the thermostat to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Set the current time and day. See  page 8.
  2. Set the program schedule and heating temperatures. See page 9.
  3. Set the cooling temperatures, if you have air conditioning. See page 16.
  4. Set the system and fan switches, if your thermostat has them. See page 22.

Congratulations! You made a smart choice when you purchased your new Honeywell Chronotherm Ill Thermostat. It's the smart thermostat that:

  • Keeps you comfortable by automatically calculating exactly when the furnace or air conditioning should go on to have the house at the desired comfort temperature at the time you want.
  • Saves the maximum amount of energy and money by remembering to automatically set back the heat or air conditioning when you leave home or sleep. Provides the ultimate in comfort and convenience. It comes already programmed, so it's your choice—use the pre-programmed schedule or set your own.


Your new thermostat is so smart, it's almost human.

  • Your body perceives temperature from a variety of sources. not only from the air in the room, but also from your surroundings— walls, windows and furnishings.
  • Human beings feel differences in temperature as slight as two degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Common household thermometers and standard thermostats sense only air temperature, which may or may not reflect how hot or cold the room actually feels to a human being.
  • Your new thermostat reads the temperature of the wall as well as the air—and responds to temperature changes as little as one degree Fahrenheit—so room temperature is more likely to "feel right" to you and your family.


  • This thermostat is actually a small but powerful computer. When calculating the exact time to turn on your furnace or air conditioner, it considers (1) air temperature. (2) the temperature of the wall and (3) when you want the comfort temperature established.
  • During Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM the thermostat increases the control temperature gradually and turns the equipment on and off several times to save energy by avoiding "overshooting" the comfort temperature. You can see the current control temgerature anytime during recovery by pressing the


ETTlNG key. On some models, both the SYSTEM and ENERGY SAVING lights may be lit at the same time during recovery.

  • This "smart" control learns from experience. Each day it checks how closely it "hit the target" and adjusts the recovery start time accordingly. It typically takes four to eight days after installation for this thermostat to adjust to the weather, your life style, home construction and heating/cooling system. The thermostat calculates the LEAVE/RETURN recovery separately from the SLEEP/WAKE recovery.
  • With this thermostat you can choose whether you want to use Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM or conventional recovery. Use Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM if you want to choose the exact time that the room reaches your comfort temperature. Use conventional recovery if you prefer to choose the exact time your furnace or air conditioner comes on to Start recovery. Your thermostat includes a screw on the back marked "3A", allowing for the Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM/conventional recovery choice. Your thermostat was shipped from the factory with the screw positioned for Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM. Your installer may have left the screw in this position, or may have changed it to conventional recovery. Before programming, you must know for which recovery method your thermostat has been set.
  • With Adaptive Intelligent Recoveryn•' , the dwelling will reach the comfort temperature at the exact time you have programmed into the thermostat. See pages 1-4 for detailed explanation of Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM
  • With conventional recovery, the programmed time will mark the start of recovery; therefore, you should program the start time to be earlier than the desired comfort time. It may require some tria! and error to arrive at the best starting time, and the best starting time will vary as the seasons change. To determine which type of recovery is set into your thermostat, make sure thermostat is powered with fresh batteries, or is mounted and powered on the wall (See page 32).

Honeywell Choronotherm III PROGRAM

Press key. Check thermostat display.    

  • If the O shows in the lower right-hand corner (see illustration), the thermostat is set for conventional recovery. If you would rather have Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM , remove thermostat from wall, turn screw 3A (on back of thermostat) clockwiseo until it bottoms. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
  • If the O does not show, the thermostat is set for Adaptive Intelligent RecoveryTM. If you would rather have conventional recovery, remove thermostat from wall, turn screw 3A (on back of thermostat) out 1/2 to 1 turn.

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Honeyweel Choronotherm III Owner's manual

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