Honeywell 191108AJ Thermostat User Manual

About Honeywell 191108AJ Thermostat User Manual

T8190A/191108AJ Heating or Cooling Thermostat/Wallplate; T8190A/Q682B Heating/Cooling Thermostat/Subbase

Honeywell 191108AJ Thermostat Installation


  1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them could cause a hazardous condition.
  2. Installer must be a trained experienced service technician.
  3. After installation is complete, check out product operation as provided in these instructions.

CAUTION When Installing Honeywell 191108AJ Thermostat

  1. Disconnect power supply to prevent electrical shock or equipment damage.
  2. To prevent interference with the thermostat linkage, keep wire length to a minimum and run wires as close as possible to the subbase.
  3. Do not overtighten thermostat captive mounting screws because damage to subbase threads can result.
  4. Do not short across coil terminals on relay. This can burn out the thermostat heat anticipator.


Locate thermostat about 5 ft [1.5m] above the floor in an area with good air circulation at average temperature. Do not mount the thermostat where it may be affected by:
—drafts, or dead spots behind doors and in corners.
—hot or cold air from ducts.
—radiant heat from the sun or appliances.
—concealed pipes and chimneys.
—unheated (uncooled) areas such as an outside wall behind the thermostat.
Run wires from the heating, cooling or heating/cooling equipment to the new thermostat location. Refer to the Typical Wiring Diagrams section to determine the number of wires required for your application.


Handle your new thermostat carefully; rough handling may interfere with its accuracy. Before unpacking, refer to Fig. 1.

Remove and discard the shipping wrap.
IMPORTANT: Save package of screws and instructions for the homeowner.

Remove the thermostat cover by lifting from the bottom. Set aside cover until needed later. Carefully remove the material protecting the mercury switch bulb.
Loosen two captive mounting screws and separate wallplate (if provided) from back of thermostat base.

Honeywell 191108AJ Thermostat Unpack

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