Honeywell AQ1000TP2 - Programmable Hydronic Communicating Thermostat Owner's Manual

Honeywell’s AQ1000TP2 is a programmable thermostat designed to be used with an AQ2000 Series hydronic control panel to operate a hydronic system, a HVAC system or both. It displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures and incorporates the following functions:

A/F/AF regulation modes: The thermostat can control the ambient air temperature (A), the floor temperature (F) or the ambient air temperature with floor temperature limits (AF) (see page 19).
System Heat/Cool modes: The thermostat can activate a heating system or a cooling system. The thermostat can also be placed in the off position when neither heating nor cooling is required (see page 5).
Fan On/Auto modes:  When the thermostat is used to activate a fan, the latter can be placed in Auto or On
mode (see page 6).
Programmable schedule: The thermostat can be programmed to use up to 4 periods per day. Each of the 28 periods for the week can have its own start time and temperature setpoints (see page 9).
Thermostat modes:   The thermostat can be placed in any of the following modes (see page 4):

  • In Hold mode, the setpoint must be set manually.
  • In Run mode, the setpoint is adjusted according to the programmed schedule.
  • The thermostat enters Temporary Hold mode when the setpoint is temporarily overridden while in Run mode.
  • When the Unoccupied mode is activated by the hydronic control panel, the setpoint is set back by a predetermined temperature margin.
  • When the Vacancy mode is activated by the hydronic control panel for further energy savings during periods of extended vacancy, the setpoint will be set to a lower value if the thermostat is in heat mode or to higher value in cool mode.

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