Honeywell MAGIC STAT MS3000 User Manual

Honeywell MAGIC STAT MS3000 User Manual PDF

Welcome to the world of comfort and energy savings with your new Honeywell Magic Stat electronic thermostat. The Magic Stat name is synonymous with innovation and state-of -the-arl electronic controls.

Your new Honeywell MS3000 will automatically control the temperature in your home, keeping you comfortable while saving energy when programmed according to the instructions in this manual. This thermostat includes the Weather Monitor feature. The operation of your furnace or air conditioner is started early enough to reach the desired temperature at the times you set. There is no need for you to guess when the system should turn on to reach the desired temperature. When the outside temperature drops or rises dramatically, the thermostat activates earlier or later to meet the next programmed setting,

Honeywell MS3000 Feature

It’s easy to program the thermostat to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Move the power switch to ON.
  2. Hold MODE key until 12:00 AM shows in display.
  3. Use SLOW key to set the time of your first program. Hold to go forward; tap to go back.
  4. Use HEAT and COOL keys to set temperatures for your first program. For heat, hold HEAT key to go higher, tap to go lower. For air conditioning, hold COOL to go lower, tap to go higher.
  5. Set all other programs by repeating steps 3 & 4. Press MODE to lock in for all 7 days.
  6. Hold MODE until SET CLOCK shows in display. Use FAST, then SLOW to move to current time and day. (Clock only accurate to within 10 minutes. ) Tap MODE to lock in (temperature and set point indicators will appear).
  7. To review programs, hold FAST or SLOW key.


  • Quick Reference to the Keys
  • Installing the Battery
  • Programming Your Thermostat
  • Set the Program Schedule and
  • Temperatures
  • Set the Current Day and Time
  • Check Your Settings
  • Option—Adding an Extra Nighttime
  • Set Point
  • Set the Fan Switch
  • Changing Your Program
  • Making Permanent Program Changes
  • Erasing the Entire Program
  • Making Temporary Program Changes
  • Changing for Daylight-Saving or
  • Standard Time
  • Maintaining Your Thermostat
  • Replacing the Battery
  • Recalibrating the Thermostat
  • The “Waiting” Indicator During
  • Air Conditioning
  • Your Personal Program
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • index
  • Relay Ordering Information
  • Limited One-Year Warranty



Your thermostat uses a 9 V alkaline battery as backup to hold the program in case of a power outage. For best results, replace battery every 5 years.
To replace:

Honeywell MS3000 Battery Replacement

  • Open right-hand thermostat door.
  • Remove battery from battery holder and battery connector.
  • Press battery connector onto a fresh 9 V alkaline battery. Place battery in the battery holder as shown.
  • Close the door.


Your thermostat should normally display the correct room  temperature. Intherare event ofaninmrred display, thethermostat can berecalibrated as follows:


  • Make sure the thermostat has been on for at least 2 hours.
  • Place an accurate room thermometer near the left side of the thermostat. Be careful not to touch thermometer or breathe on it.
  • Open the left door of the thermostat.
  • Locate the temperature adjustment screw.
  • Use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the screw slightly clockwise to increase, or counterclockwise~ to decrease the indicated emperature.
  • After each turn, allow the thermostat to stabilize about 30 seconds.
  • Continue this procedure until the thermostat has the same temperature reading as the room thermometer.

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Honeywell MS3000 User Manual

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