Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 Manual

Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 Installation Manual

Unpacking Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 and conditions of use

Before and when unpacking the unit, make a visual inspection to identify any possible damage which may have occurred during transportation. Please look for loose parts, dents, scratches, etc. Report any damage immediately to the freight company. (Please see “Conditions if damage has occurred”.) In other instances, the latest edition of the “General conditions for the supply of goods and services” issued by the ZVEI (German Central Association for the Electrotechnical Industry) shall apply. Before disposing of the packaging, please check it for loose functional parts and information leaflets.

So that we can process warranty claims, please give an exact description of the defect (with a photograph, if appropriate) and state the model designation of the unit. Please keep these operating instructions at the place where the equipment is used.

Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 General instructions

Work on the electrical devices and switching equipment may only be carried out by appropriately qualified personnel. The relevant safety and environmental regulations must be followed. FLICA equipment is free from PCBs, PCTs, asbestos, formaldehyde, cadmium and water-repelling substances. The design of the equipment has taken into account the Standards
EN 50081-1,2 (emitted interference), EN 50082-1 (immunity to interference),
EN 60335-1 (electrical safety), IEC 695-2-1 to -2-3 (fire resistance, glow-wire test).
Safety tests have been performed in the factory on all equipment in accordance with EN 60335-1 (DIN VDE 0700 T500).

Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 Use and function

Use for the purpose intended

  • This controller is designed to control ambient temperatures or media temperatures in refrigeration or heating systems.
  • The controller must not be used as a safety cut-out device or excess temperature limiter.

If the unit is used for purposes other than those stated here, it shall not be considered to be use for the purpose intended.

  • Only connect sensors supplied with the unit. If a replacement sensor is required, only use sensors of the same type (Part No. H61007 ).
  • The controller is not intended for use in vehicles because the possible operating voltage ranges, interference level and environmental operating exceed the limits for which the controller can be used.
  • Please take the application limits into account (see Technical Data in section 11).

Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 Function

  • PCR-100 and PCR-110 are general-purpose thermostats, each with a relay output and wide temperature control range (–55 °C to +50 °C).
  • The controllers have different housings: PCR-100: Modular housing for 35 mm standard rails PCR-110: “Snap-in” installation housing, which fits into aperture 28.5 x 70.5 mm.
  • Control performance: 2-step, on/off, with reversible direction for heating and refrigerating.
  • Defrost option for chilling systems if continuous operation of the evaporator fan is foreseen in the switching box.
  • Easy to operate thanks to digital input of setpoint value and switching difference.
  • Data is not lost, even if there is a power failure, for at least 10 years.
  • Alarm output.

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Honeywell PCR-100, PCR-110 Installation Manual

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