Honeywell T8624D IV Deluxe Chronotherm Thermostat Manual

Honeywell T8624D IV Deluxe Chronotherm Thermostat Manual

Honeywell T8624D IV Deluxe PRODUCT DATA

  • Models available with outdoor temperature sensor capability for homeowner convenience. The sensor is also more accurate than a thermometer.
  • Configurable features allows one model to be used to replace many different models (less inventory, no longer need to carry separate models to get these features). OF or oc temperature display;
    • automatic or manual changeover;
    • electric or conventional heat fan operation;
    • adjustable heating cycle rate.
  • Minimum off time for cooling compressors and heat pumps protects the equipment and extends the equipment life.
  • Easy installation, setup and system test saves installer time and increases productivity.
  • System test simplifies troubleshooting and saves time by overriding the time delays.
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery@ control brings the room temperature to temperature setpoint at the programmed time, maximizing comfort and savings.
  • Setpoints are permanently held in memory (no batteries used) and retained during power outages for increased installer and homeowner convenience.
  • Universal VersaguardTM Thermostat guards available for added security.


The specifications given in this publication do not include normal manufacturing tolerances. Therefore, this unit might not exactly match the listed specifications. This product is tested and calibrated under closely controlled conditions, and some minor differences in performance can be expected if those conditions are changed.

Thermostat Model

T8624D Thermostats provide features listed in Table 1.


System Selection

Fan Selection





System and fan selections are done by keyboard.

Electrical Rating (Nominal Range):
24 vac, 50/60 Hz.
20 to 30 vac, 50/60 Hz.

No batteries required.

Loss of Power:
The thermostat will maintain programmed times and temperatures for the life of the product. The clock and day information is retained for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Honeywell T8624D IV Deluxe Chronotherm FEATURES

  • Full seven-day program capability; different schedules and temperature setpoints may be selected for everyday to match the homeowner's flexible schedule.
  • Copy key makes programming easier and faster for the installer and homeowner.
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST) key for quick change in and out of Daylight Savings Time.
  • Models available with programmable fan operation for added homeowner comfort. Easy temporary temperature setpoint changes for current period, vacation hold (1 to 255 days) or indefinite hold adds to the homeowner comfort and energy savings.
  • Most frequently used keys are located by the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for quick and easy access to information. Attractive styling complements any decor to the homeowner's delight.
  • Back lighting the large display makes the LCD very easy to read.

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Honeywell T8624D IV Deluxe Chronotherm Thermostat Manual 

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